August 12, 2010


  1. Joel Diamond Says:

    Classic pictures Artie…how lucky we are to have had contact and know some of these people first hand who could never be “duplicated” again in our industry…

  2. So exciting and great pictures..but not as good as the stories inside. So many will love this book!

  3. Barry David Oslander Says:

    The photo’s are wonderful, since they all are part of a very important part of music history, as you are.

  4. stephen craig aristei Says:

    The pictures and the stories are all “greats”…When people read your book, they will realize how each and everyone of their lives was touched in some way, by what you did…We were a part of the industry when “people had fun” with what they did….Joel is right when he says “we are all so lucky to have had contact with so many of these people”…..I was blessed to work with, fight with and have success with many of the true “greats” of our industry….And Artie, you are one of them…You are truly the last of that breed of creative individual who truly make the music and the business great….you are one of the “Last of the Greats” ! !
    Everyone who has ever loved music, needs to read your book….!

  5. carol ross-durborow Says:

    dear artie, finally out there!! MARVELOUS…the photos are priceless and your story is a part of rock and roll history forever…much sucess with the book, dear man…..

  6. As Clay Cole said it best “Weren’t We Something”….Thanks Artie…..

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