October 7, 2010

On July 4th, when I moved to another place in the desert, I noticed that I was having trouble seeing out of my right eye, which got progressively worse until I realized I was going blind. When I told my friend Allan Rinde about it, he rushed me to the eye doctor who diagnosed me with a growing cataract.

He said he can remove it with laser surgery when it gets a little larger, so I have to suffer a growing loss of vision until then. In the meantime, I’m looking into Dragon voice recognition software and someone who can teach me how to use it, so I may continue blogging.

Last year I exposed an organization that held onto songwriter royalties until they were at least $250 before they issued a check, collecting interest on millions of dollars in the process. I took on two social networks who tricked people into joining them so they could appropriate their address books and personal information! I’m happy to say most of the problems have since been corrected.

This year I plan to go after corporations who take advantage of their customers. Why does an $11 prescription at Costco cost $44 at Walgreens? Why is there special Senior menu at Denny’s, where seniors are charged a higher price for some of the very same dishes on the regular menu?

Finally, I’m happy to say that I finished my book, “I Did It For A Song” (if you don’t like the music of the ‘60s, ‘70s, and 80s, you can kiss my past!) Here’s a little photographic preview for you as well as

I’ve also archived the ROCK IN PERPETUITY articles I’ve written about my friends in the music business who have passed away.

Here’s hoping you’ll be a regular visitor to Artie Wayne On The Web for my investigative reports as well the best in music, films, and TV.

Regards, Artie Wayne

Copyright 2010 by Artie Wayne

28 Responses to “SAY IT LOUD…I’M BACK AND I’M PROUD!”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    hi Artie
    Its good to see you and the blog back. Keep on looking you will see again.

  2. Welcome back, Artie! Take care of yourself, you have many years of rockin’ and rollin’ to go yet!

  3. Sunny Monday Says:

    Glad you’re back Artie !!!! Now things will seem more normal. I am shocked to hear about your vision.
    Wasn’t it you that I spoke to a couple of weeks ago on the phone ? Thank God , there is a solution.
    Removing cataracts is done frequently and very successful. Well, now you’re a one finger one eye guy, huh ?
    There must be a joke in there somewhere. I know you’ll find it. Keep writing Artie !.
    Sunny 🙂

  4. El F Says:

    Welcome back, Artie!

  5. heyricky Says:

    Fight the Power Artie and do something about that fuckin’ war in Afghanistan!

  6. Jack Carone Says:

    Glad you’re back, sorry for the road bump, but cataracts are a fixable thing, thank goodness.
    Take no prisoners!!

  7. Denise Says:

    Hi Artie,

    I am so glad you are back…you were missed.I am sorry to hear about your eyes, but I know all will be ok. I will keep you in my prayers…

    Denise/the Delicates

  8. Dennis Says:

    Artie…I was beginning to wonder where you went. I look forward to your blog. A cataract is a simple surgery these days. I had one in my forties. Don’t worry too much about it.You’re vision should be normal the day after the surgery. Keep us informed…DL

  9. Al Gorgoni Says:

    Artie, I had cataracts removed from both eyes. The outcome was not perfect but I can see better than before. This kind of surgery is very common these days but Be sure to get the best eye surgeon you can find. Be Well, Al

  10. Bobbi Cowan Says:

    HEy Artie! Welcome back…we’ve missed you thru this long hot summer.
    I too am about to go under the knife for cataract surgery, but I hear it’s a breeze, first one yee, then a month or so later, the other one. Hey, we’re all getting older, but consider the alternatives…Tuesday I rememberedour dear friend Corb on Facebook, he passed three years ago Oct.7.
    I’d rather be kissed, than missed!
    Love you & Allan too…

  11. lou rotondo Says:

    Hello Artie welcome back!!!Hope & pray that things work out for you…You were missed…
    Stay well pal ~smile~

  12. Sam Cooper Says:

    Great to have you back, Artie! Keep on rockin’ the so-called free world, my friend!

  13. Todd Everett Says:

    Welcome back, Artie.

    God must have misheard when you said you got into the music business because you wanted a Cadillac.

    I know some people who have had great success with cataract surgery. Trust you’ll soon join them.

    In the meantime, I don’t understand what you’re saying about Denny’s, but it hits close to where I live!

  14. steveo Says:

    Hang in there…when that sucker gets big enough,
    you gonna have it cut out…


  15. M. G. Still Says:

    Artie, so good to have you back. Dr. Harmon in NYC is the best for cataract surgery. He did mine. I chose to remain nearsighted and continue to wear glasses for anything besides artwork & the computer, and am really happy with that. Don’t go for the bifocal replacements – they aren’t real good for either distance or close-up. Take care.

  16. Paul Payton Says:

    Welcome back! Many of my friends have had the cataract surgery with excellent results, and I will also be a candidate at sometime in the future. As Al Gorgoni said, go with the best doctor you can find; you’ve only got one chance to get it right, and your eyes are worth it.

    Keep up the good work, Artie; we who remember the past (but live in the present) appreciate you and all you’re doing!

    PS: for those of your followers who are interested in ’60s-’70s music you probably never heard before, my old band’s never-released music is now out! Check the website above; copies are available from a variety of sources (including me) or tracks can be downloaded as well. The lead singer/songwriter, Rob Carlson, and I are also in a new band; you can find the link easily.

  17. Paul Payton Says:

    PPS: the website didn’t show up. It’s Thanks, Artie, for letting me take up a little of your space with my shameless self-promotion – I don’t know where else I’d find such a potentially appreciative audience!

  18. Welcome Back Artie, I was wondering what happened to you. Take care of those eyes and see the best surgeons. My husband had cataract surgery on one eye and a month later the second eye. He started to see floaters and weird things going on and he wound up with detached retinas in both eyes. They say 4% of people with this surgery could have problems. Unfortunately he was in the 4%. He is seeing better but he didn’t need to have those cataracts removed when he did. Get more opinions before you do it.
    Glad to have you back……Hugs, Bernadette

  19. Joel Diamond Says:

    I echo everybody else…welcome back Artie, we all love you…

    Joel Diamond

  20. Tom Diehl Says:

    Welcome back, Artie! I’m looking forward to reading your book! Wishing you all the best with your cataract surgery (whenever it happens) — i’ll send prayers and good thoughts your way and hope it comes out extremely successful.


  21. Ira Howard Says:


    Just keep on keepin’ on. You’re inspiring! As for the cataract surgery, I had both eyes done a year ago at 78. Except for minimum reading glasses, I’ve been seeing great for the first time in 50 years. Get it done ASAP.


  22. Wedigo Watson Says:

    Wishing you well on the cataract surgery. Welcome back.

  23. Robin Munson Says:

    Rock On, Artie! Obviously, you have powers of observation beyond the physical – and I know you’ll have the physical one back very soon.

    Take care.


  24. Hi Artie, good to hear fr you ,so glad you are back!! Doug went thru that laser eye deal ,he did real well with it, Loved the outcome!!! Got some more of my oldies up on YouTube ( from Sweden has done se good videos on them,check th out he even has Doug when he was real young in one also called “the boy I love” so cool you gotta heat it! G or some new Christmas songs on … Will send you one,check it out ok? Love, your friends vikki & Doug

  25. Liz Barke Says:

    Hi Artie, I came across your name when I was looking for some help in retrieving lost memories. Your article of Feb 22 2007 mentioned how extra virgin coconut oil worked and how you were happy to send info on an MP3 player. I clicked on your e-mail but it couldn’t connect. I am desperate for some help to remember something that happened 25 years ago and if you can send me any information I would be so grateful.
    Good to hear that you are recovering from your surgery.

    Thanks a lot and best wishes

  26. Liz Barke Says:

    Sorry – mental aberration, I really do need your help!!!!

    I should have said good luck with the surgery, my mother in law had it done on both eyes and it is the best thing that ever happened to her.


  27. Tom DeCillis Says:

    Artie, I had one cataract removed back in february of this year, and Im waiting till the other one is “ripe enough” to be removed, which should be the beginning of the new year. I experienced much the same symptoms and tho my good eye works fine now, the other one is getting worse each day. Soon I will be rid of the other cataract and hopefully both you and I will see clearly again.

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