November 10, 2010

Since Al Qaeda has actually tracked soldiers down on the internet kidnapped and murdered them, for security reasons this article doesn’t use actual names or places. The government wants the media to keep a low profile of military on the internet as they don’t want to make a target of them.

Although I know there are over a million and a half troops currently serving in our armed forces around the world, for me the war in Afghanistan didn’t have a face on it until Patrick the son of my longtime friends, went to serve there as an officer. Patrick who I’ve known since he was a kid, represents all of the men and women, who are risking their lives every day to keep America safe.

Ever since his aunt asked me to include him in my daily prayers, I have. Until now I haven’t tried to contact Patrick personally to thank him for the sacrifices he’s making for his family, friends, and his country.

His aunt tells me that our concern mean the world to him. She sent him a list of those praying for him and he is so grateful and says he feels protected. Patrick adds,”Please thank the people you have enlisted to pray for us out here. The prayers from so many will undoubtedly keep us safe and ensure that whatever happens, it’s in the hands of God. I am only counting the days until I get home.’”

On this special day of tributes honoring the men and women who’ve served in the military, and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, let’s not forget those who are fighting for us every day.

Thank you Patrick and your compatriots for all you’re doing to keep America free. The best I can do as an American citizen is tell our enemies from afar to “kiss my past”, but you’re showing them how it’s done up close and personal.

God bless you…and God Bless America!

Your friend, Artie Wayne

Now I’d like to dedicate my collection of Patriotic Music Videos to Patrick, our veterans and all of the men and women serving in the armed forces around the world.


  1. pj Says:

    “…Since Al Qaeda has actually tracked soldiers down on the internet kidnapped and murdered them…”

    Really? REALLY? When did this happen and what is the source of your information?

  2. Paul Says:

    To Patrick and his brothers and sisters in harms way,
    I can only imagine how difficult a situation you find yourselves in.
    Stay well and come back soon – safe and sound.

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