November 12, 2010

As a former executive of Warner Brothers Music and Irving/Almo (Rondor) Music I don’t think it’s wrong for me to expect a little respect. When I contacted Bourne Music, the publisher of my first hit, “Midnight Mary” (Raleigh/ Wayne) for a scan of a lead sheet to give to a film music supervisor friend of mine, I was insulted, treated rudely…and three days later still haven’t received it!

Considering that I produced the hit record on the song with Joey Powers in 1963, and have gotten all of the income producing cover records since, Bourne Music should be grateful that anyone is promoting one of their copyrights in 2010.

After the deaths of my friends, Bonnie and BeBe Bourne, the company seems to have become a holding company of little more than caretakers…who aren’t taking care of business.

I wonder how many money making opportunities they’ve lost from the arrogance of some low level employee who treats a lead sheet like it was the Holy Grail.


When I posted an obituary on a Rock star friend of mine, which mentioned that I worked with him in the studio, one of the producers (a former friend and client of mine) called me a liar and put up several nasty comments about me below my article.

Fortunately, I contacted his co-producer, one of the biggest figures in the music business today, who made several comments himself which corroborated my story and made my detractor look like the asshole that he is.


Finally, I want to give a one finger salute to a talented young director who I worked with a few years ago, who I helped create a video that currently has over 700,000 views on YouTube.

Happy with his work, I paid this guy up front to record an interview I was doing with my friend, and legendary producer Hank Medress (Tony Orlando and Dawn, The Chiffons) for Spectropop. This guy stood me up for at the last minute without explanation or returning my money. Sadly, Hank died a few weeks later without what turned out to be his last interview being recorded for posterity.

Even though this guy showed no remorse or offered any apology, I chalked it up to his youth and inexperience and forgave him. Then about a year later, I foolishly paid him up front to correct the grammar and edit the book I was writing. I shouldn’t have been shocked when he flaked on me once again and never returned my money.

Last week a record producer friend of mine called me, and wanted to reach this guy to do a video for him. Needless to say, when I told him what he did to me, my friend wanted nothing to do with him.

I’m happy to say that I’ve warned other people about him, who’ve asked for a recommendation, which has lost him thousands of dollars in work!


I’m not usually a vengeful person, but I’m fortunate to have a blog, with over one million seven hundred thousand hits, to bring to light the bulls#@t  I’ve had to deal with.

If you think I’m being too harsh…remember A#@HOLES NEVER TAKE A DAY OFF!

Copyright 2010 by Artie Wayne https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/about-artie-wayne/

For my first article in this series A#@HOLES NEVER TAKE A DAY OFF! click on to https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/2010/01/30/aholes-never-take-a-day-off/

For the last Hank Medress Interview on Spectropop http://spectropop.com/HankMedress/index.htm

For the complete story behind “Midnight Mary” https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/2007/06/30/the-story-of-meet-me-at-midnight-mary/

13 Responses to “A#@HOLES NEVER TAKE A DAY OFF! (part two)”

  1. mark barkan Says:

    I have some similar stories of A#@holes -some of whom you know very well. If you’re interested-

  2. stephen craig aristei Says:

    Regarding not getting the lead sheet from bourne…..You will soon discover that the music publishing industry is truly “doomed”, because most of the people working for them are “stupid” and have no idea how those “copyrights (songs) make money! I know that is a horrible generalization, but I have lost tens of thousands of dollars from not getting songs and lead sheets over to film music supervisors, or record producers, in time…….Timing is everything, except when you are one of the chosen few who work for a major music publishing company !
    Good luck !

  3. Barry Oslander Says:

    Artie I am sure many of our friends have sad stories like yours and because of dealing with the same folks…Mine all have to so with money due and never paid….BDO

  4. Ron Haffkine Says:

    Hey Artie, as I’ve said…..”what else is new”……Is anyone really surprised…..But as the old saying goes……”what goes around comes around” look at the situation the companies find themselves in today…They stopped worrying about the quality of the music over a decade ago, and even with the shift in how music is sold and the problem of downloading there are still a few artists that sell…Maybe not in the quantities they used to but there certainly could be more artists selling….Anyway why should they listen to me I’ve only got 67 gold and platinum albums worldwide. I’m not bragging…. just trying to make a point…..

  5. CRD. Says:


  6. LCandEarls Says:


  7. Sam Cooper Says:

    Amen! I see it all the time on Music Row in Nashville–their are greedy, sometimes-lazy, irreverent people who who haven’t got a clue who paved the way for them to even have jobs in the first place and may never know enough to tap into those pioneers’ wealth of experiences in order to make the most of their futures.

  8. Don Williams Says:

    RIGHT ON !!…..

  9. Tom Snow Says:

    Thank you, Artie! Maybe the power of the internet will help these grieving people.


  10. Carla Lockhart Says:

    “Hey, just read your article about a-holes. Unfortunately the entertainment business attracts them like flies (what other business would allow you to call your assistant at 4 am to come over and put gas in your car). A friend of mine posted a quote that said something like this, “If you run into 3 or more a-holes in one day, you might be an a-hole yourself.” I amended that quote to what I felt was more appropriate, “If you run in to 3 or more a-holes in one day, you’re probably in Los Angeles.” HA!”

  11. Marva Holiday Says:

    Re the lead sheet (bad customer service) and the producer who accused you of lying (bad behavior), I’m “shaking my head” Artie. — Methinks “talented young director” will eventually be reaping some of the ugliness he has sowed. He has some big time life lessons on the way.

    Always enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing!


  12. Gary Theroux Says:

    Gee, you should have had ME edit your book. I’ve done that for others and your money would have been well spent. One good lesson I’ve learned over the years is never pay anyone 100% of their fee upfront. I got stiffed by a bozo whose main claim to fame was that he stumbled upon and therefore became the first producer of what became a major Warner Bros. artist. I paid him several thousand dollars upfront to write a business plan for me and my investment was totally lost. I never got a comma out of the morally handicapped cretin. Instead he strung me along until the group of investors who awaited the plan finally gave up and put their money elsewhere.

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