November 15, 2010

Since the rise of MTV and YouTube, the importance of the music video as a promotional tool to expose new product is unquestionable, though quite pricey. Now record companies, publishers, artists, and fans are using the same tool to breathe life into music that is decades old, at a fraction of the cost.

Since Michael Jackson passed away here have been 23 videos posted on the internet (INCLUDING 13 NEW ONES) that use a song I co-wrote for him, “LITTLE CHRISTMAS TREE” (Clinton,Jr/ Wayne) with over 175, 000 combined views so far…and it’s only six weeks until Christmas!

Although I don’t expect Lady GaGa, or Justin Beiber numbers, which exceed a quarter of a billion views each on YouTube, I can reasonably hope for a million or so views which will help to sell the various CDs that my song is currently on.

Thanks to everyone who took the time and love to create these videos. Here are four of my favorites…


Copyright 2010 by Artie Wayne https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/about-artie-wayne/+

HERE’S THE STORY BEHIND “LITTLE CHRISTMAS TREE” https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/2009/06/29/michael-jackson-and-the-story-behind-little-christmas-tree/

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  1. Dee Trane Says:

    A beautiful song, brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it !!
    Sweet little Michael singing with so much feeling ….
    Thank you Artie for keeping us in touch with our inner child …

  2. Sharon Link Says:

    Sorry…My previous comment was sent before I was finished with my reply.

    I have followed MJ’s career very thoroughly (having lived in Gary,IN myself), but I’ve NEVER seen these pictures…..HOW MUCH DID THEY COST YOU?? Seriously – I’d love to know how you got them…these are rare.

  3. artie, the song is priceless, the videos of michael are priceless and it leaves one with warm memories …..the music and michael will always be timeless and ageless….and….you are priceless! with great admiration,

    carol ross-durborow..

  4. I want the Michael Jackson poster on top and please give me
    a call to see how I can get that album 646 421-1775

  5. heyricky Says:

    Artie none of the videos will play, says something about UMG

    • Artie Wayne Says:

      If you get a message after you try to play the video to go directly to Youtube…just click onto the underlined words and you’ll be redirected to what you are expecting to see.

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