December 14, 2010

For the last three years I’ve been writing my book about my 50 years in the music business. I was warned not to write about certain people, certain companies, and certain things which made me want to tell more.

As my blog became more popular with over 1,800,000 VIEWS, I began to get bolder and relentlessly went after large corporations and social networks until they discontinued some of their questionable practices.

I’m proud to have been the first to write about Tommy James’ shocking book, “ME, THE MOB, AND THE MUSIC” and have an exclusive no-holds barred three part interview with my pal from the past and former label mate…probably the only such event where the participants didn’t have to go into the witness protection program right after the show!

In my book, “I DID IT FOR A SONG”, I write about my first hand experiences songwriting (Aretha, Michael Jackson,Tony Orlando, Cher, etc.) producing (the Kingsmen, The Shirelles, the Guess Who) and getting hits for Warner Brothers Music (“You’re 16″, “R+R Heaven”) and Irving/ Almo music (“I Honestly Love You”, “Our Day Will Come”).

I share my private stories about, Carole King, MORRIS LEVY, Neil Bogart, The BEATLES, Jimi Hendrix, SCOTT SHANNON, Eagles, MICHAEL JACKSON, Bert Berns, Alan Freed, BOBBY DARIN, Brian Wilson, PAUL WILLIAMS, Murray The K, TOMMY JAMES and the Shondells, Olivia Newton-John, HERB ALPERT, JERRY MOSS, Don Kirshner, RICK JAMES, Rolling Stones, ELLIE GREENWICH, Clive Davis, Barrry White, DAVID GEFFEN, Marvin Gaye, QUINCY JONES, The Rolling Stones, DAVID BOWIE, Phil Spector, AND DOZENS MORE!

YOU CAN BUY MY BOOK AT SMASHWORDS http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/53813

Thanks and regards, Artie Wayne http://artiewayne.com

Special thanks to Sally Stevens for  the Rainbow’s End photopainting on the cover.  http://sallystevens.fineartstudioonline.com/



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  1. Wedigo Watson Says:

    Hey Artie, that’s great news; looking forward to reading the book – just ordered my on-line copy via Paypal.

  2. Is this going to be an online book, a hard book I can get at Barnes & Noble, or what?

  3. Artie..send me your address…I travel to Palm Springs 4 to5 times a year…I.m buds with Ron Haffikine in Nashville…Charlie

  4. I’m 80 pages in to this truly fascinating book. Anyone who has been in the music business for as long as Artie will truly relish the anecdotes and the characters than run through the well-written pages of this memoir. Once I get through the whole book – hopefully this week – there’ll be a review on my blog at http://www.rockphiles.com. Great work, Artie! Thanks for the memories!

  5. Barry Oslander Says:

    Artie I read your book and found myself back in the days we both had so much fun when the record biz was so much better. I am sure that if anyone of any age reads your book they will understand just what they have missed not so long ago. Artie I do wish you everything you like to see happen with your entertaining book……Warmest and best, BarryO

  6. Joel Diamond Says:


    Who better than you to document the stories you talk about in your book…you are the Georgie Jessel of the music industry (even though you’re not Jewish)…continued success and health…
    Joel Diamond

  7. Wedigo Watson Says:

    Artie, I had an absolute blast reading your book. Your descriptive writing made me feel as if I were the proverbial “fly on the wall” taking it all in and experiencing it with you.

    Thanks to the magic of Internet, and You Tube in particular, whenever you mentioned a song I was not familiar with I was usually able to immediately find a copy of it to listen to, as I read your lyrics and the story behind it….i.e. Leroy Van Dyke and “Five Steps Away”, Jules Dassin and “Excuse Me Lady”, etc.

    It was great reading about your interactions with people I’ve enjoyed and admired over the years, learning what goes on behind the scenes.

  8. Artie Wayne Says:

    Thank you all so much..glad you enjoyed it.

    Regards, Artie

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