January 20, 2011

If they built a time machine it could never equal the experience I had at the TROUBADOUR FAMILY REUNION last Monday Night! Jackson Browne played to a packed house that included old “Troubadourians”, Allan Rinde, Sandy and Michael Ochs, Patti and Richard Kimball, Ron Haffkine, Don Williams, Jerry Heller, Joel Diamond, Bobbi Cowan, Pete Senoff, Todd Everett, Val Garay, Billy James, Terry Kirkman, Colin Cameron, and Van Dyke Parks.

Pam McKenna one of the Reunion’s organizer’s said, “The intention of The Troubadour Family Reunion was to gather together a group of people…a very lucky few, who were in the right place at the right time in America’s musical history. Doug Weston had a knack for finding great singer/songwriters…and we were the fortunate recipients. One such artist was Jackson Browne…so it was only fitting that he came to play for us again. This is where he began, like so many others, and his return brought him and us, full circle…May the circle be unbroken.”

Many people flew into Hollywood for this once in a lifetime event, including producer Ron Haffkine (Dr.Hook, Shel Silverstein), and singer/ songwriter Van Dyke Parks (“Heroes and Vllians”) who apparently is still flying!

On Friday, I’ll post more pictures and comments .

To know more about the evening click onto the official TROUBADOUR FAMILY REUNION WEBSITE

Thanks to Sean McKenna from X-SITE MEDIA for the photos

Copyright 2011 by Artie Wayne-




  1. Loni Specter Says:

    Artie it was so good to see you and Allan Rinde there! So many faces I thought I’d never see again. A truly frightening experience! It was a great night indeed.

  2. Ron Haffkine Says:

    What a blast!!! as I posted on fb before the event, I really believe that some of the success of the reunion had to do with Artie working hard letting people know about it….I think we all know that when Artie promotes something, things happen….I couldn’t have had a better time….Ran into someone from the very first act I ever produced..Long time ago…Also one of the members of DR HOOK that I hadn’t seen in a while…I flew in from Nashville just for this reunion and to see some of my dear friends that I don’t get to see often enough….Hope there’s another one sooner rather than later…I don’t want to be on that list just inside the door….

  3. Susanella Rogers Says:

    Just another night at the Troub: Michael Ochs refused to leave the bar, Todd Everett refused to leave the showroom, Bobbi Cowan spoke to Every Single Person There, and the girl in the box office couldn’t find my name on the list..
    Except it’s forty years later and some of us are MIA, the VIP booths are no more, Allan Rinde’s beard is gone, and we all know that there will never be another night like this one.
    Kudos and genuine thanks to Lezlie Sokol, Naomi Riopelle, Roger Perry, and All of The Team that worked so very hard to put together a historic event.

  4. Allan Rinde Says:

    Aside from seeing a few old friends I’d lost contact with and meeting some new ones, there was just this sense of energy at Doug Weston’s Troubadour (glad they kept his name on it) that made this evening a great success. Of course it all dissipated the next day when I realized that while I was having a good time at the good old Troub, Don Kirchner lay dying in a hospital in Boca Raton. Oh, the humanity!
    And one more thing: thank you Jackson for the tribute to Warren Zevon and for the love you put into your set that night.

  5. Bruce Kunkel Says:

    Performing Monday at the Troubadour was a delicious time warp, playing and singing my songs to a warm and friendly audience. A long while back me and the band I co-founded and recorded with (The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) played the Troubadour numerous times and were participants in similar magic making with amazing audiences . Great to see Jackson again, Jim Kweskin, et al. Want to acknowledge the great effort that went into putting this on! Kudos to the team, the audience, and all the performers. Big love!

  6. Matt Kramer Says:

    Walking into the Troubadour for the first time in probably twenty years was not the surreal part, even though the lobby was different and there was a balcony on the north wall that I had never seen before. And those light trusses – that was cool.

    Reconnecting with people that provided the magic, the staff and musicians who collaborated to create a million memories that reign as powerfully as ever – that was source of the hybrid deja-vu, unearthed from distant memory, the reincarnation of the powerful personas who escaped the ennui of the status quo to rip the fabric of reality and allow a new world to give birth to some of the best music of the 20th century.

    Ric Elswit of Dr. Hook remembered a half hour lecture he gave me 43 years ago in which he told me (at the time, 18 and scared shitless about the next day’s pre-induction physical) that I had all the choice in the world ahead of me – and he was right. Rick Cunha, whose liquid guitar style was a major contributor to my decision to make music my career, was there. It was Rick who handed me the role of Monday Night Hoot producer – that was a defining moment that directed the next twenty years of my life. And, looking much the same as when I first saw him perform on a Monday night in 1969, with Roger Perry introducing him, Jackson’s performance sealed the evening with perfection. Thank you all who made this night possible.

    Matt Kramer – Troubadour sound tech and Monday night hoot guy – 1970-1981.

  7. Roger Perry Says:

    I’ve read the posts and looked at the pictures. But I can barely remember the evening. So many old friends and so many memories, So many pretty girls, now more beautiful in maturity.

    I listened to music I loved. I hung out at the front bar and out on the sidewalk. My pretty friend Beth and I had dinner at Tana’s for the first time in years. Dickie Davis and Laurie Trail joined us, off and on.

    It was such a great night. Pam, Naomi, Lezlie, Harriet and I started working on the reunion in May. It was pure joy to see it happen so well.

    But like a lot of us, I am going to need these pages and photographs to help me remember. I was having so much fun I forgot to pay attention!

    Roger Perry – Reunion co-organizer and Hootmaster, 1969-1972

  8. mediatorguy Says:

    It’s seven years later; I came across this blog as I was tweaking my WordPress account. I now live in Thailand, it could be challenging to attend a new reunion. On the other hand, a reunion could be the inspiration I need to make the journey to return to L.A. and visit family and friends. Any updates?
    Matt Kramer

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