January 31, 2011

“THE NEW ELDERS” isn’t a secret organization, or a cult, and it doesn’t cost anything, you just have to be a senior citizen with a desire to make things better for yourself and for society at large!

At one time primitive tribes respected their oldest members and considered them to be the wisest…in today’s society being old is considered a liability!

I’m 69 years old and I haven’t given up the fight. Now I have a new weapon…my blog. What started out as a simple means of expression has turned into a tool that has made life better for everyone.

A couple of years ago, I noticed something very alarming. Time-Warner Cable was sending programs to their customers with the picture out of synchronization’ with the sound! Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I like my sound and picture fed to me at the same time! I went down to my local Time-Warner cable office to pay my bill and complain about this and I was told by the manager that they knew about the problem. They said everyone was experiencing the same phenomenon, but could offer no solution. That’s when I asked for a refund, and to my surprise the manager said he would take $4.00 off of my monthly bill! I screamed, “$4.00 ARE YOU CRAZY?”

He tried to calm me down, and said to call him on Monday. When I called the number he gave me I reached the head office, hundreds of miles away. When I asked for the number of my local office, they said it was against their policy to give it out! I restrained myself from exploding and calmly asked to speak to the manager. The manager, who would only identify himself as Ed, allowed me to explain my problem and he said he’d send somebody out to check my cable. I agreed even though I knew there was no problem on my end!

When the repairman arrived he confirmed my suspicions that they could only fix the fault at the station where the signal is received and sent out. It looked to me like Time-Warner was more interested in building their monopoly than delivering good service to the reasonable expectations of their customers. The e-mails I received from people all over the country proved this was not an isolated incident.

Finally out of desperation I went to my blog and wrote, “For the last two nights TIME-WARNER in Desert Hot Springs, California has been transmitting “Dancing With The Stars” out of synch, with the picture ahead of the sound! IF THIS IS NOT CORRECTED BY TONIGHTS SHOW…THE CLIPS OF THE LAST 3 SHOWS WILL BE POSTED ON YOUTUBE IN THE MORNING along with copies of e-mails from outraged customers all over the country!”

In six hours the problem had cleared up…and it never happened again. Six hours!


When I wanted to learn more about “TWITTER” for an article I was writing, I had to give the social network my name and e-mail address. THEN THEY SLAMMED ME LIKE AN UNSCRUPULOUS TELEMARKETER! Even though I was extremely careful not to press a button to “SEND OUT INVITES”…they did anyway and compromised my entire address book! So I kept writing about them on my blog, until the company set things right and gave me an apology.


Many of us “oldies but goodies” are still relevant and have proven abilities as well as untapped ones that could help our entire society.

The world as we know it is in the End of Days, but this could be just the beginning! If we utilized all of our resources, especially “THE NEW ELDERS”, the positive spirit that dwells in our collective consciousness could turn our destiny around.

Although I can no longer walk and have lost use of my hands, I will stand up for what I believe! The only limitations we have are the ones we put on ourselves, “and if you can only lift one finger you still can point the way!”

Regards, Artie Wayne

Copyright 2011 by Artie Wayne


Painted clouds at the top…photographed, colored, and designed by “Lezlie Sokol”, ~ © 2010 by Gwynn Graphix & Painted Cloud Photography!/profile.php?id=1215335979&v=info




  1. I have a phone number for TWC’s Office of the President complaint line in New York. Here it is 212-364-8200, Option 2.

    2 fingers point the way in this case. i.e. the middle digit and the finger you use to call and complain.

  2. Jack Carone Says:

    Artie, thank you for reminding us of the power we have if we dare to speak out. Despite your physical challenges, you are running faster than most.
    Jack C.

  3. Sharon Link Says:

    GOOD POINT….These big companies think we’ve rolled over. Thank goodness you’re around to remind us we shouldn’t do that!

    Time-Warner Cable has no idea who they’re messing with!!

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