February 3, 2011

The first time I tried DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) was 40 years ago when it was being touted as miracle drug and used by coaches on injured athletes who were sent right back into play.

I knew it wasn’t approved by the Food and Drug administration, and only used as a solvent or a rub-in liniment for animals, but I used it anyway. I’ve suffered from scoliosis (curvature of the spine) since I was a kid and it helped the chronic pain in my back, neck and hands.

As I got older DMSO reduced the swelling around my joints and allowed me greater freedom of movement. I recommended it to my grandmother who was suffering from arthritis and she got immediate relief. A foreman on the ranch of a friend of mine swears he was cured of arthritis by the “Miracle Mixture. I gave some to my aunt, when she broke her arm and her doctor smiled and admitted that she healed twice as fast when she rubbed it on herself.

With so many positive results that I’ve experienced personally with DMSO and who knows how many hundreds of thousands of other people that have been helped, why hasn’t the FDA approved the use DMSO it in humans?

In 1996 my scoliosis had gotten worse and I had to have a spinal operation to keep my spine from fusing together. That’s when I became addicted to 3500 units a day of Vicodin and inhaled steroids for many years. When the doctors wanted to teach me to inject morphine to stop the unimaginable pain, I put an abrupt stop to my deadly roller coaster ride.

I didn’t know that quitting cold turkey would make me temporarily lose my memory, but after a while I regained it, and started using deep meditation to go below my pain level, but forgot about DMSO.

Recently, when I was told I’d never walk again and lost the use of my hands I thought about trying DMSO. Ten days ago I started using it …and now I’m opening and closing my hands!

I don’t know how far my own experiments will take me, but why hasn’t the FDA approved the use of it in humans to find out? My guess is it’s because the drug manufacturers can’t control it, it costs very little to make and bottle of 99.9% pure DMSO costs the consumer as little as $10!

I will continue to use it, and report on the effects here. For more information contact DMSO,inc. at 1-800- 387- 6935

** Special Note: DMSO is intended for use as a solvent only. DMSO passes through the skin readily and is used as a carrier solvent to transport other substances through the skin. The choice of the process used in the various applications is the sole responsibility of the user. It is unlawful to represent in any way that the product is useful or safe to use for medicinal purposes. **

Here is a paper I read on DMSO that shows some results of recent studies by Dr. Stanley Jacob. http://www.dmso.org/articles/information/jacob.htm

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  1. Trade Martin Says:

    Hey Artie……, I’m glad the DMSO is helping your hands. We’ve been using it for years on harness race horses. It’s got lots of applications for arthritic pain and lameness problems. While using it with my hands, I was always told not to do that, but I could taste it after a while because it absorbs so well into the bloodstream. Lot’s of horsemen have used it on their own aches & pains for years. Best regards, Trade.

  2. Lezlie Sokol Says:

    Artie, once again you have gone out of your way to bring to our attention something that can actually help us rather than hurt us. I appreciate you constant care and dedication to the improvement of quality of life, not only your own but all of ours! I can’t wait to get ahold of my first bottle of DMSO. I’m looking forward to reporting back its helpful benefits to me. You are a GodSend, my friend!


  3. OK, now that DMSO is out of the closet, let’s promote Hydrogen Peroxide, another miracle drug sold for about $2 a bottle. It’s illegal in England except in small amounts because terrorists use it for bombs. But I bring it over. I gargle with it whenever a sore throat starts. Everyone here is sick..not me! Of course one has to be careful not to swallow it, but excuse me, are we adults?

    I use it on all sorts of skin occurrences, bug bites, etc. and it heals everything immediately.

    So DMSO..Hydrogen Peroxide…what else has been around forever, is cheap, and has natural healing properties that he FDA and drug corporations don’t want us to know about….oh yeah..oxygen is the only thing to kills viruses. AIDS patients listening? There’s an oxygen infusion treatment in Germany and the virus doesn’t appear for 6 months. Treatment every 6 months…daily drug cocktail..weigh it and choose.

  4. Rose Gross-Marino Says:

    Hi Artie,

    Wonderful how DMSO has been a miracle drug for you and yours. But, did you know that in Brazil (and European countries), it’s also used as a face-filler
    ala Botox, Restylane, et al. It’s a popular filler outside the USA. And you are 100% correct,
    the FDA is dragging its feet although it has mountains of confirmation backing its

    Feel better and stay positive.



  5. Colin Cameron Says:

    Artie, I’ve been using DMSO for at least 35 years. It helps my various chronic pains associated with playing music, and relieves cramps in my hands and legs when I get them. The odd oyster taste goes away pretty quickly. But don’t put DMSO on your hands if you’ve been handling pest killers or fertilizer, it could travel into the bloodstream attached to the DMSO. Colin

  6. Bernadette Carroll Says:

    Thanks for this info, Artie. I am passing this on to my Mom who is 89 years old and suffering from back problems. I just want to know if it’s safe to apply without gloves on.


    • Artie Wayne Says:

      Hi Bernadette…I would check with a doctor.

      Here’s the number of the place where I get my DMSO. They could probably answer any question you might have 1-800 – 367 – 6935

      Regards, Artie

  7. I’ve suffered from horrible joint pain, particularly in my back, to the point where I had to use a back brace and cane. I can’t take strong painkillers since I need to be alert and reactive (I work with got glass and horses) the prescriptions I have I can use to take the edge off but not make myself comfortable. A couple weeks ago when it was really bad I grabbed a pot of DMSO from the barn.

    I’d read about it but like most people figured it was mostly hype, so I was shocked when I applied it and almost immediately the pain dissipated.

    Within two weeks I went from applying it multiple times a day to all of my joints to spot application on my bad knee and a few places on my back. Some days I don’t need to apply it at all and I am still not in pain.

    It has literally given me my life back in the way that nothing I have been given has.

  8. Nobody has said anything about burns. DMSO work wonderful on burns, even huge deep burns.

  9. I ordered DMSO from Malincrot(?) Chemical in St. Louis, Mo after I read about it in Readers Digest at least 40 years ago. I got a gallon for $17.50. I’ve used it on burns, joint pain, sore musles, etc. I drank 3 table spoons full in Gator Aid and smelled like a hugh skunk for 3 days. It is supposed to clean out heavy metals like lead and mercury. I know it didn’t hurt me but it drove my family into nasal asphixia. I’m 85 and feel great.
    Bob McKissick

  10. Kimcherrian fuller Says:

    How can I order

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