March 10, 2011

This morning I got Patti Dahlstrom’s newsletter with an item about our mutual friend, songwriter Tom Snow (“He’s So Shy”, “Let’s Hear It For The Boy”, “Don’t Know Much”, “So Emotional”) …she wrote,

 “I am so excited to share Tom Snow’s new website with all of you. As you know, Tom and I wrote together for a few years writing one of our favorite pieces, “Dialogue”, but his real body of work followed that period of time. He and his wife, Mary Belle, now a significant positive player in the California political scene, have been friends of mine for almost 40 years, and I recently spent a weekend with them in Montecito in their beautiful love-filled home. I am so knocked out by his music that I wanted to share it with all of you to enjoy. It’s a beautiful website filled with amazing songs, which you will already know well, and you can hear them in their hit form.  15 songs with over a million airplays, a very significant accomplishment indeed!  The greatest thing is not really his success as a songwriter, though that is something, it is his success as a human being. Despite all his achievements, check out his awards and nominations section, he has remained a down-to-earth wonderful man with a rockin’ sense of humor.”

Let’s Hear It For the Boy!

Copyright 2011 by Artie Wayne

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  1. Tom Snow Says:

    Thanks, Artie! Very kind of you!


  2. Tony Onstad Says:

    You’re one of the great pop singer/songwriters in my book,along with Randy Goodrum,David Foster,Kenny Loggins,to name just a few.Anyhow,I wanted to thank you(and of course your daughter Tina)for the “Songs Of Tom Snow” CD(‘s).A friend of mine in Sweden sent me an extra copy he had(don’t know how legal that is,but how are you gonna say no to a free Tom Snow compilation,and a rare one,at that.I’m just about to hop online to find “Hungry Nights” on CD–let’s hope it’s no more than $150(lol).God bless & ttyl.

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