March 19, 2011

Recently, I got permission for a friend to videotape a private event in exchange for the use of whatever footage I appeared in. A simple arrangement which I didn’t think required a contract…I was wrong!

A few days after the event was over and I asked my former friend for a copy of my appearances he denied that we ever had such an agreement, and turned vicious when I insisted that we did.

Won’t he be surprised when the organizers of the event won’t give him permission to use any footage he shot! Do I feel bad about it, hell no, he deserves everything he gets, after all, assholes never take a day off.

It’s been about ten days since I started calling a large publisher whose recent royalty statements to me have been questionable. So far they haven’t gotten back to me, but each time I call them I record myself leaving my number…and a longer…nastier message each time.If I don’t hear from them by the end of next week, I’ll post all the messages up on YouTube and see how fast they respond!

I can’t wait until the LIVE CHARLIE SHEEN RANT AND RAVE TOUR comes to my town and exposes those “Assholes” he used to work for and prove without a shadow of a doubt that A@#HOLES NEVER TAKE A DAY OFF!

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