April 22, 2011

For the last three years I’ve been writing my book about my 50 years in the music business. I was warned not to write about certain people, certain companies, and certain things which made me want to tell more.

As my blog became more popular with over 1,870,000 VIEWS, I began to get bolder and relentlessly went after large corporations and social networks until they discontinued some of their questionable practices.

I’m proud to have been the first to write about Tommy James’ shocking book, “ME, THE MOB, AND THE MUSIC” and have an exclusive no-holds barred three part interview with my pal from the past and former label mate…probably the only such event where the participants didn’t have to go into the witness protection program right after the show!

In my book, “I DID IT FOR A SONG”, I write about my first hand experiences songwriting (Aretha, Michael Jackson,Tony Orlando, Cher, etc.) producing (the Kingsmen, The Shirelles, the Guess Who) and getting hits for Warner Brothers Music (“You’re 16″, “R+R Heaven”) and Irving/ Almo music (“I Honestly Love You”, “Our Day Will Come”).

I share my private stories about, Carole King, MORRIS LEVY, Neil Bogart, The BEATLES, Jimi Hendrix, SCOTT SHANNON, Eagles, MICHAEL JACKSON, Bert Berns, THREE DOG NIGHT, Alan Freed, BOBBY DARIN, Brian Wilson, PAUL WILLIAMS, Murray The K, TOMMY JAMES and the Shondells, Olivia Newton-John, HERB ALPERT, JERRY MOSS, Don Kirshner, RICK JAMES, Rolling Stones, ELLIE GREENWICH, Clive Davis, Barry White, DAVID GEFFEN, Marvin Gaye, QUINCY JONES, The Rolling Stones, DAVID BOWIE, Phil Spector, AND DOZENS MORE!


EXTRA! EXTRA! YOU CAN BUY MY BOOK ,“I DID IT FOR A SONG” AT AMAZON or Barnes & Noble or from Smashwords




Thanks and regards, Artie Wayne

Special thanks to Sally Stevens for  the Rainbow’s End photopainting on the cover.

Copyright 2011 by Artie Wayne



  1. Joel Diamond Says:

    Classic pictures Artie…how lucky we are to have had contact and know some of these people first hand who could never be “duplicated” again in our industry…

  2. So exciting and great pictures..but not as good as the stories inside. So many will love this book!

  3. Stephen-Craig Aristei Says:

    The pictures and the stories are all “greats”…When people read your book, they will realize how each and everyone of their lives was touched in some way, by what you did…We were a part of the industry when “people had fun” with what they did….Joel is right when he says “we are all so lucky to have had contact with so many of these people”…..I was blessed to work with, fight with and have success with many of the true “greats” of our industry….And Artie, you are one of them…You are truly the last of that breed of creative individual who truly make the music and the business great….you are one of the “Last of the Greats” ! !

    Everyone who has ever loved music, needs to read your book….!

  4. Carol Ross-Durborow Says:

    dear artie, finally out there!! MARVELOUS…the photos are priceless and your story is a part of rock and roll history forever…much sucess with the book, dear man…..

  5. As Clay Cole said it best “Weren’t We Something”….Thanks Artie…..

  6. El F Says:

    My heartfelt congratulations, hon. You still rock!
    xox El

  7. Barry oslander Says:

    Artie like you, I have been waiting for this day since I read your book months before it came out and read it in one day…. Your a man who just wrote some more music history which in turn will bring bring back many minds to dreaming of the good old days and the way it was in the days when the music biz was great and we all were starting out and were freinds joined by the music in our blood….Good luck with your book.

  8. Loni Specter Says:

    Mazel-Tov brother Artie! Looking forward to reading and enjoying the ride.
    Happy Eastover BTW

  9. Steveo Says:

    Congratulations , Art..Im sure the book is filled with many things and it will be a pleasure for all of us to read!

  10. Jerry Ross Says:


    New York Yankees 1930….
    Lefty Gomez made the well known comment:
    “I’d rather be lucky than good”
    You are blessed to be lucky; being in the right place at the right time, and so good at what you have accomplished…Congrats on your book!!!

    best regards, your ol’ friend,
    Jerry Ross

  11. Mike Edwards Says:

    Hi Artie. You were kind enough to send me an advance copy of your book, “I Did It For A Song”. Even though it arrived around the Christmas period, I could not put it down. The details of your career in the music business are well told and are fast moving. Anyone who knows, say, New York and Los Angeles, would feel that they were right there beside you as you covered the ground in these cities.

    I note that you experienced the sting of prejudice but, like our President, you just brushed it off and kept moving, demonstrating to us that, whatever barriers are put in your way, you can still succeed in this country.

    It is a fun read; whether it is about you trying to get Motown Records to issue a Michael Jackson Christmas album or you trying to collect royalties from dangerous sounding characters in Germany. These are just two of the many incidents that grace the pages of this book. I wish you every success with it, Artie.

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