April 25, 2011

I doubt if you remember me, but many years ago you stopped me while I was “strutting” down Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, to ask where I got the hand-painted jacket I was wearing. I said I made it and sold them out of ”Genghis Cohen,” a high-end Chinese restaurant, which I named and hosted.

You laughed when I told you that, the night before, Miles Davis had tried to get me to give him the $2,500 creation for free because “he was an artist and people gave him things for free,” and I had to tell him, “What am I? Chopped liver?”

You asked me to get in touch with you, but I didn’t because I was starting to lose control of my hands and my ability to paint.

I hope it’s not too late to reach out to you.

I’ve written a book, “I DID IT FOR A SONG,” which I have just published which recounts my 50 years in and around the music business, including historic musical events and lots of reminiscences about many of your friends, including Michael Jackson, who recorded a couple of my songs, Quincy Jones who’s publishing I represented for 5 years, Ashford and Simpson who I helped get to MOTOWN.

It’s also a tale of my triumph over adversity. I no longer have the ability to walk, nor do I have control of my hands except for one finger, which I use to type.

My blog has over 1,800.000 views and my book, which has taken over four years to complete was released last week. (if you have one of your staff contact me I’ll send you a copy).

Oprah – you are an inspiration to so many people, as am I in my own way, but I want to reach millions like you do. You are one of the few people on earth who understand what I’m trying to do, and might help me achieve that goal.

I’ll never give up because I believe, “There is always hope and if you can only lift one finger…you still can point the way!

Regards, Artie Wayne

For information on my book “I Did It For A Song”

Photo of me in the jacket by Patti Dahlstrom



  1. steveo_1965 Says:

    Very inspiring, Artie…
    I hope someone who has a connection to Oprah reads this and sends or forwards your “open letter” to her…I would love to see you promote your book on Oprah…whatever form it takes…
    The jacket is amazing looking Let no man say you didn;t have amazing finger dexterity….Getting back to Oprah..I believe she is winding down her daily 5 day a week show…but as you know, she has a new network, and of course will do specials on them….it would be great to have you on one of them!(or possibly give your book a boost in whatever manner she can)


  2. Dee Trane Says:

    Artie –
    It would be a wonderful happening if Oprah read your open letter
    to her. You’ve always taken adversity to a higher ground, finding
    the positive in a negative experience.
    Oprah’s new OWN network would be a perfect place for you to
    reach out and inspire the millions of viewers who have been so
    uplifted by Oprah over the years.
    You continue to inspire all who know and love you, for this we
    thank you.

  3. James Holvay Says:

    Your letter has inspired me to continue to pursue my music.
    You will be in my prayers that “O” receives your letter and asks you to appear on one of her shows.
    You have an incredible story to tell and it needs to be heard.
    Thank you Artie.

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