May 21, 2011

I’m amazed that I reconnected with over 750 people that I knew in the music business in less than a year, and made friends with over 200 others. I jumped into using the social network so quickly that I don’t what some of the basic features of the service are, so I asked some friends of mine, who explained them and gave me some tips on UNDERSTANDING FACEBOOK.

At first I considered FACEBOOK a place where you could delude yourself into thinking that you’re popular, now I think of it as my number one source for sending and receiving information!

I asked photographer/ blogger, Sally Stevens, who answered questions I always wanted to ask, but was afraid that I would appear stupid if I did.

 AW – Can you explain the bar below each post

·Like/Unlike ·  comment  · Share

SS – Like/Unlike – you give a thumb’s up to a post in the newsfeed or most recent.  Among others, I wish they would create an ‘unlike’ which is simply a retraction of ‘like’ at this point, as opposed to expressing disapproval.

Comment – on the post you’re reading. 

Share – one of your friends posts something you want your other friends to see.  You can either a) post it on your wall, b) specifically post it on the wall of a friend who you know would like it or, c) send the link as a private message to whoever you want.

AW – How can you remove a comment ?

SS – An x will show to the right of the post.  Click on it and follow instructions!

AW – When you write on somebody’s wall who sees it?

SS – Whoever they designate to see their wall.  Friends only, friends of friends…

AW – When you post on your wall who sees that?

SS – Presumably, whoever you designate.  Friends only usually.

AW – If you want your message to be private what do you do?

SS – Go to your friend’s wall and send them a message.

AW – What happens to all the posts that crawl down our screens…are they cataloged somewhere or just disappear into cyberspace?

SS – Nothing disappears into cyberspace. 

 Thank you Sally for the information. you can reach her at.



Copyright 2011 by Artie Wayne


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  1. Ann Munday Says:

    Firstly, I can’t find a way to read your latest blog, unless the above is it – is it?
    2. There’s another thing you have to do to stop FB sharing your info and photos, etc with third parties, and I think you go to your profile, find share information link or something similar, and not allow any third party to access your infor. If this doesn’t make sense ask Sally – she’ll know. She knows mostly everything! Really glad that you introduced the two of us to each other and I am looking forward to meeting her one of these days. Oh, and I am still not completely unpacked from my fright and flight trip to Palm Springs!

  2. Ann Munday Says:

    Oh, and thank you again and again, for sharing my art website as I am still getting responses through your having done so.

  3. Susanella Rogers Says:

    Hi Artie,

    Regarding this:

    AW – If you want your message to be private what do you do?

    SS – Go to your friend’s wall and send them a message.

    Artie, if you post a message on your friend’s wall, everyone who is allowed to see that person’s wall will see it.

    If you want to send a private message, look for “Messages” on the left of your screen, under your profile photo. Click on that and you will see an option for “Send new message.” Click on that and a form will appear in which you can enter the recipient’s name and your message. Click Send and you’re done.

    No one but the recipient will be able to read that message.

    How’s that voice recognition software working for you?


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