June 6, 2011

When I asked my friend, Photographer/blogger and Facebook enthusiast, Sally Stevens, how often I should check my Facebook home page, she suggested five or six times a day…or better still, keep a window open to it at all times.

When I did that, I understood why so many people are fascinated by the activities of their Facebook friends, who they can observe from a safe physical and emotional distance. Even though I’ve been up on Facebook over a year I’m still learning how to use certain aspects of it.

Whenever I put up a new article on my blog I type in the url and comment I want to make on my “wall” and a picture of my blog “magically” appears. Once I press “share” it will send it to “friends”, “friends of friends”, or “everyone” I select among the privacy settings (found on the upper right hand side of your profile page in “accounts.)

Whenever I need to know something I ask my friend and fello blogger Sally Stevens, and she either tells me or shows me where to find it.

AW – How do you upload your music to FB? 

SS –  Once you have converted your music files to an mp3 format – which you can do using programs like Switch – you sign up for SoundCloud.  Use FB to log in – I found that to be easy.  You then upload your music to your wall using SoundCloud.  The instructions are pretty easy to follow.  Even I can do it!  LOL! 

Info on Switch and other programs for converting your music files here http://www.askdavetaylor.com/convert_wma_from_windows_media_player_into_mp3_files.html  and Soundcloud www.soundcloud.com

AW – What’s a good source for general info on FB, news, updates, FAQs, etc.?

SS – :  http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/allfacebook  – doesn’t appear to be run by the powers-that-be at FB, but I bet they watch this blog pretty closely! A good source for general info”, FB has its own Help section.  http://www.facebook.com/help/new/?page=820

AW – When do you unfriend someone?

SS: Absolutely subjective.  Your mileage may vary. 

Thank you Sally…Next week we’ll be talking with my friend singer/ songwriter Alan O’Day (“UNDERCOVER ANGEL”, “ROCK ‘N’ ROLL HEAVEN”), who has a successful Facebook page “We Like Alan O’Day” with over 2100 members. https://www.facebook.com/#!/home.php?sk=group_113462684910

This has brought together a group of like minds with a love of music that seems to be growing everyday. Until then, you can see Alan performing live June 11th for a fundraiser: Grassroots Acoustica’s 4th Annual Pride Edition at The Talking Stick, Venice, CA; to Benefit The Celebration Theatre. https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=155880251143772

to reach Alan O’Day go to http://alanoday.com

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  1. Sharon Link Says:

    thanks so much for Facebook help. Before reading this – I hadn’t been able to find anyone to answer my FB questions

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