December 29, 2011

A year and a half ago since I moved to the California desert, I’ve been to see ten different specialists at the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage for my extreme scoliosis (a severe curvature of the spine I’ve had since birth). Even though I had discs put in my upper spine and neck 14 years ago, my pain increased as well as my tolerance to huge amounts of Vicodin and all kinds of steroids!

The pain got worse in recent years when my right leg started turning around in its socket, making me feel like I was being ripped apart 24 hours a day! All the doctors could do for me was prescribe more pain killers which I refused to take with their mind numbing side effects, so I helped develop a deep meditation to go below my pain level and I never gave up hope.

Five months ago my primary physician, Dr. Lynn Messner sent me to see Dr. Albert Lai the head of Pain Management at the Eisenhower center. When I met the doctor, I felt an immediate psychic connection with him. I asked my friend Allan, who has taken me to every doctor appointment I’ve had so far, if he would mind leaving the room so I could speak to Dr.Lai privately. I knew that Allan and his lack of belief in the Metaphysical and the Spiritual would question what I was about to talk the Doctor about and I didn’t want to deal with any skepticism.

As doctor Lai was reviewing my case on his computer, I felt I was getting weaker and weaker…but I started to feel safe. The voices from the other side that have guided me my whole life started saying things like, “he’s the one…he’s the one who could help you! Soon an echo-y chorale inside my head started chanting…”Ask him to do stem cell therapy… Ask him to do stem cell therapy” 

I took a deep breath I asked Dr.Lai if he would perform the controversial stem cell procedure on me (using my own adult cells). He smiled, and said that it could probably help along with physical and occupational therapy. He also prescribed a top of the line electric power wheel chair, custom-made leg, back, and hand braces then he gave me a cortisone shot in my hip and rescheduled another appointment.                                                    

Over the past few months I’ve had PRP shots (plasma replacement platelets) from blood taken from my arm, purified and injected into my spine as well as more cortisone shots. I’ve physically gone up and down for two or three hours every day at a time every week , with my painful episodes diminishing over time.

Last week I had a minor setback when two of my four therapists had to stop seeing me because I still wasn’t strong enough to even lift the leg brace I was prescribed. That’s when my two occupational therapists doubled their efforts to get me able to at least walk in a walker.

As Joyce was massaging my neck, we determined that this was the source of my problem of not being able to use my hands and fingers which she also massaged. We talked about and even sang all kinds of music from the ‘60s to the present and I suggested playing music during our therapy sessions. Although Joyce went back east for the holidays, she sent her assistant Karen three times this week…who loved the idea of using music!

On our second session as Karen was massaging and limbering up my fingers I clicked onto Lady GaGa’s video of  “BAD ROMANCE”…by the time the vocal started, Karen had me moving each wrist up and down with the music, she laughed when I did a few movements with my neck and shoulders I learned from watching “SOUL TRAIN”. Then I threw a few punches at the air like Muhammad Ali, started lifting my legs up and down and started marching in my wheelchair. I emulated the upper body movement I’d seen in GaGa and Usher videos finishing by standing up and down 15 times in front of my wheel chair (while holding on to my arm rests)…then taking a deep bow with head below my knees to my therapists wide-eyed amazement! 

I couldn’t wait to show Dr. Lai what I was able to do when I saw him for my shot yesterday. I started by moving my wrists up and down and performing the routine I described above (but without music). I watched his mouth drop open as he looked at his assistant Christine. And exclaimed, “I don’t believe it…I’ve never seen anything like this! Less than five months ago you came in barely able to move…and now you’re dancing;”

I thanked him and smiled, as he asked if I ever was ever a professional dancer. I told him, “No, but I was compared to Jackson”

“Michael Jackson?”

“No, Jesse”

We both laughed as he scheduled my next appointment.

(to be continued)  

Copyright 2011 by Artie Wayne

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SPECIAL NOTICE…Next month I’ll be posting an article The Blunt Truth about Medical Marijuana and an exclusive interview with Laila Kabhi from Oasis Wellness and Living in Palm Springs, California. if you have any questions for her please email me at


21 Responses to “MY MEDICAL MIRACLE!”

  1. Gordon Shaffer Says:

    That’s great news, Artie!! After hearing that, could anyone out there still doubt the magical power of music??

  2. Trade Martin Says:

    Nice Artie…., I loved it….!!! Best, Trade.

  3. Stephanie Says:

    This is wonderful news! Listen if you ever get a chance read Dr John Sarnos Book called Healing Back Pain OR Divided Mind it will really help you!

  4. Sunny Monday Says:

    I am so glad that you took the chance. We need pioneers in medicine and it usually takes someone so down that it is a last hope. I am so glad that you’re dancing again. God bless you Artie !
    I can hardly wait for the next installment.
    Sunny 🙂

  5. Damian Johnstone Says:

    Hi Artie, I can’t even begin to imagine what you have had to endure for so many years. But I am just so thrilled and excited for you. Thank you for sharing your miracle with us. My best wishes and prayers are with you now & always. Damian.

  6. re: new found hope Says:

    Artie, I am so thrilled to hear of this wonderful progress you have made. Hopefully this will set in and continue to keep you on a magical road to full recovery. I believe in miracles and I’ve been moved by miracles in music more than once before.
    Dear old friend you deserve every happiness and the good health that many take for granted should be a wonderful gift to you.
    I will pray for your continued improvement.
    Happy New Year

    Neil Sheppard

  7. Country Paul Says:

    Congratulations, my friend; this is wonderful news. Heck, if Norman Lear could cure himself of cancer with laughter, there’s no reason you can’t do it with music and dance. what a great way to start a new year! Stay with it, Artie – the beat goes on!

  8. Joe Nelson Says:

    God willing this will culminate in the ultimate medical miracle… the day Artie Wayne once more sits down and plays his guitar.

  9. Andy Caploe Says:

    mazal tov, Artie! may 2012 bring only more good news! xo from Andy Caploe and Susan Collins

  10. Letha Hadady Says:

    This is wonderful news. I too have had stem cell/PRP injections in Florida for my acute hip osteoarthritis and it gave me comfort and increased collagen. I have written about it and made videos about it at my website In China they inject PRP into the spine for people with spinal cord injury. I will be interested to know what you think about marijuana for pain. All best luck with your treatments from massage, diet, herbs, music and everything natural that works. Bless you and God keep you well.
    Letha Hadady

  11. Wedigo Watson Says:

    Wonderful and encouraging news, Artie. What a great way to end this year and to begin the new one with promises of better things to come.

  12. Artie Wayne Says:

    •transcribed from FACEBOOK. Here the people who LIKED this

    Todd Everett, Lee Curreri, Jerrie Ulbrich, Dawn Lee Wakefield, Wedigo Watson, Lonnie Specter, Ted Bodner, Michelle Kasajian, Lucy Taylor, Regis Doucette, Florence Gray, Hunter George, Eric Cocks,Jana Dieter, Laura Pinto, Kelpie Rocks On, Dale Ditlove Nicholson, A.J. Bachmann, John Harrold, Luke Warner, Laury Shelley, Michael Austin, Barry Veverka-Brownlie, Ginger Watson, Richard Rique Patire, Tony DiGirolamo,

    transcribed from FACEBOOK COMMENTS

    Hunter George…Fantastic news, Artie. I share in your joy because I consider you a friend. May God continue to bless you in this healing and in the coming year.

    Seth Greenky…I knew there was a reason I’d been thinking of you and dropping you more messages, lately. I’m looking forward to hearing more good news and to see some youtube of you walking on your own. Most of all, I’m thrilled that your pain is diminishing and hope it is all gone. We forget how good it is to just feel normal. Mazel Tov!!

    Laury Shelley…Artie, after reading your story I am compelled to write and tell you how moved and touched I am by your faith, belief and strength…Your doctor and physical therapist’s sound amazing…not always easy to find the ones that get it and work. Keep moving forward and keep believing….and thank you for your inspiration.

    Tony DiGirolamo…Artie, this is amazing and an answer to prayer. I continue to pray for you daily. Most recently prayed this morning. Artie I had a heart attack a week ago … had a heart procedure to put a stent in but they did not do it. As you know I’ve had 2 trip by pass ops before and this would be the third heart attack. I guess 3 strikes and you’re out doesn’t work for me. It’s Divine Providence of this I’m certain. I can only say, stay positive and believe. It’s what gets the body getting well. And you’re right it is a spiritual thing that’s going on. I want to hear more soon so be blessed in 2012 the year of our Lord and Savior … Happy New Year!

    Seth Greenky…@Tony: you still have a way to catch up to Dick Cheney, but you really don’t really want to do that. It’s preferable to stay healthy. Please do. @ Artie: keep on keepin’ on and maybe you’ll get back on-stage, again. That would be a great comeback story.

    Jerrie Ulbrich…Hugs Artie! Wonderful news! { ♥ )

    Herbert Maton…Great news indeed. Keep on truckin’!

    Florence Gray…Beautiful, simply a beautiful blessing.

    Regis Doucette…that was amazing and in all candor when I first heard of taibo, I felt that would also do the trick. SO glad things are moving along positively…..I trust you will not tempt fate and try and move stuff like furniture….this would be BAD I would think…. So go easy with your new found strength!!! A nice story and keep up the good work!!!

    Bazza Keefer…Awesome Artie !!!!!! Keep up the great work !!!!!

    Wedigo Watson…I’ve just read your good news, Artie…so happy for you. Wishing you a very Happy New Year !!

    Jesse Oppenheimer Great news, Artie. More miracles a-c0min in 2012!

  13. Jack Carone Says:

    Artie, this great news, I have a feeling we will be hearing more great news as you get stronger and stronger.

  14. Steveo Says:

    Don’t stop now Artie…keep it goin! : )


  15. Artie Wayne Says:

    transcribed from FACEBOOK and more people who liked this…

    Patti Madigan Kimball, Jonathan Lamas, Nick Armand, Lisa Gross, Simon White, Mario Medious II, Lucy Taylor, Miguel or Carmen Ocha,

    transcribed from FACEBOOK here are more people who made comments…

    Nick Armand good words from you artie hope and i know you are doing well?

    LR…Soo happy for you Artie. May you continue to feel better & better & better… HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

    Jay Siegel…Artie.. Keep well .. Keep writing..Have a Healthy & Great 2012.. Jay

    Dawn Lee Wakefield…Magnificent…thank you.

    Will Lee…Keep up the good work, man! You are living in a great era. Thanks for sharing your story.

    Dean Pitchford…Gloriously good news, Artie!! Your story of your physical therapy breakthrough is the best Christmas present I received this year!

    Gary E. Myers…That’s great, Artie. I have no doubt that healing can come from varied sources and, though I’ve never had anything remotely as serious as your condition, I’ve applied many holistic/alternative remedies over the years, and I’m a member Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.

    Fred D… I had no idea how bad your physical condition had become. I am happy for your medical miracle my prayers of peace and continued success towards medical recover. Best of all I am happiest you have been able to hold on to that unique and rib tickeling AW humor.
    Fred D.

    Mark Barkan… You were always a good guy-and maybe your medical condition being improved is because of it. Keep the faith-because I have faith in you. Love.

    E/Attic… Fantastic news!!! All good thoughts and much love in your direction, Sweetheart.
    Robin Munson…Art told me about your breakthrough! I’m so happy for you, and once again, we see the healing power of music!

    Harvey Cooper… Happy to hear it Artie…and all the best to you..

    Rose Gross-Marino… Thrilled to read of your miracle. Thank you for sharing and keeping hope alive!

    Joseph Suber… I am thrilled to hear of your progress…I am adding you to my “prayer list”, I shall envision your getting better every day and will, from afar, bathe you in a healing green light that sometimes seems to spontaneously emanate from my forehead during my daily prayer/meditation. It can’t hurt!

    Thank you for all the help and inspiration you have given me in the past. I am seeing a long and healthy, pain-free future for you and all of my friends. And I hope to see you face to face again some day soon.

    Your friend,

    Marsha Friedman…Hey miracle man- what a great accomplishment!

    I can feel your intention, so strong, and with that much positive force moving towards your goals, no doubt you will make it happen! I love the use of music in your therapy and it makes so much sense… Music is such a high aesthetic and I know for me, the right sounds and artists can make my heart sing and take me places like nothing else.

    Keep up the great work Artie, you are an inspiration!

  16. Doc Remer Says:

    If you want to gain weight drink a couple of malted milk shakes with 2 egg yolks blended daily. I learned this growing up working behind the soda fountain in my dads pharmacy. It worked for me. Growing up I was thin so I needed to gain some weight. Good luck and hope it works for you as it did for me.

  17. Artie Wayne Says:

    Transcribed from FACEBOOK and emails…

    …You have been a real source of strength for me. Through you, I have learned to accept both the triumphs and disappointments that accompany the human condition. I know that you have a number of regrets because of missed opportunities and songs that should have made it, yet you have carried on and made real contributions to various elements of the music business, as a song writer, producer, A&R guy etc. You are a hero!
    Blessings , Justin McDevitt (St. Paul MN)

    Artie, Prayers are with you regarding your health, It is always a nice addition to my day with your e-mails…. Happy New Year buddy :o) Peace, Bryan J Conners Sr

    Artie Kornfeld Artie,Always great news when I hear good news about you,my old dear friend,Not that we are old but our friendships eternal. Artie K

  18. Robert Strauss Says:

    Artie… That is such GREAT news! I can’t tell you how happy I am for you. May 2012 be the year in which you re-conquer the music biz. You are and continue to be a great inspiration.

  19. Wonderful Artie… Sounds great! I also sent
    This to my Daughter, Kelley Snead ( thank you for going
    The extra mile and being a great inspiration
    To others. Kelley was diagnosed with the dreaded Parkinsons! It is so Heartbreaking
    To see what my baby is going thru. Praying
    She will get help. You would think
    In Nashville, Tenn. Where we have Vanderbilt
    That they could do something to help
    Her but they don’t do Stem Cell Therapy I
    Am told. So sad. Thanks, Vikki Sallee & Doug

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