Paris The Giraffe

When Paris blows a bubble…pop it with your cursor and win a prize!


While we’re on the subject in case you missed the Bubblegum music expose’ just click on the page where Elisha Cuthbert excercises her lungs

For the part II of the story and a chance to see Kristen Bell do her thing

If by some chance you were looking for Paris Hilton, here she is with Lindsay Lohan on top of Britney Spears!


Jurassic Park “Who’s Next?”…and the infamous Jimi Jammin’ Jacket!

I was really excited last sunday when Artie Wayne on the Web reached the 50,ooo mark, representing all the people who have blogged on since we started five months ago. Today, one week later, we’ re over the 100,000 mark! What was it that brought everyone here? The brilliant reporting, the exciting stories, the hilarious jokes? Or was it those pictures of Britney, Paris and Lindsay?

Anyway, I want to remind you that you have until next friday December 15, 2006 to enter our caption contest and a chance to win a hand painted design on the back of your own denim jacket, worth up to $1000. Just click on to