Although I have no political preferences and consider myself an original thinker…I did breathe a sigh of relief when I heard about Donald Rumsfeld this morning! I’m not sorry I voted for Bush, however, can you imagine where we’d all be if the other asshole had gotten in?

Why couldn’t John Kerry be content with Kazakhstan, the little country, his wife bought him as a consolation prize for losing the election? Why did he shatter our illusions of him with a comeback so lame even David Hasselhoff, on “America’s Got Talent”, would have trouble giving him a thumbs up! You know I’m kinda’ glad there’s been a shake up in Washington. There should be a change of administration every now and then…like a diaper!

As far as Nancy, Condi and Hilary go…I say throw ’em in a large cardboard box and may the best man win! Talk about nasty campaigns…Shit, you don’t have to wait ’til 2008. just click on now to “You Ain’t Woman Enough To Run This Land”

Copyright 2006 by Artie Wayne

Supermantra Obsolete?

July 14, 2006

I’ve been avoiding going to the latest Superman movie after seeing a trailer in which, Frank Langella, as Perry White, editor of the Daily Planet, says something about;

“Truth, Justice and all that other stuff.” Wait a second, I grew up believing in the spirit of, Superman. I still believe in and his fight for, “Truth , Justice, and the American way.”

I have never been political, however I’ve always been patriotic. I find the subversion of, Superman’s code, offensive and a ploy just to sell movie tickets, to Bush “wackers” and America haters, around the world! Initially I was against President Bush, sending our troops into Iraq. At this point, I’m glad that we have a strong presence in the Middle-East! If you haven’t noticed, we’re on the brink of World War III, with several countries ready to take us out as soon as they have nuclear capability!

As I’m writing this, I’ve decided not to see a film that might enrage me. I’d rather go back to watch a video that inspired me! Yesterday, I checked out my friend, Sebastian Prooth’s, blog and saw “America, We Stand As One“, by Dennis Madalone. The singer and songwriter, created a heartfelt masterpiece. I hope you feel as strongly about it as i do.