In 1973, I accompanied one of our Warner Brothers staff songwriters, George Clinton Jr. [who went on write the score for three “Austin Powers” movies], to the Tokyo Music Festival. It was my first trip to Japan, and I was impressed how well organized the large masses of people were. Over the years my heavy workload, beautiful women and other excesses used up too much time and too many emotions. I knew I had to find a way to learn how to really focus.

When I got back to the states, I decided to look into deep relaxation techniques and self- hypnosis. I went to see my Chiropractor and friend, Dr. Floyd Taylor who had developed remarkable physical, mental and spiritual methods of healing after his plane was shot down in World War Two. Over time, and through much pain, he was able to correct his bone structure and musculature, which left him bent over and unable to walk. His super-posture and confident stride was proof positive that his methods work. He not only told me that deep relaxation and self-hypnosis could help attain my goal to focus, it could help the severe back pain I suffered from congenital scoliosis. He said I could learn to go below the pain level and function better. He also mysteriously hinted that the deeper I went, the more “things” I would discover.

My equally psychically adventuresome friend, Patti Dahlstrom [who introduced me to Dr.Taylor], was just as fascinated with the possibilities of self-hypnosis as I was. We both took private lessons from Dr. Taylor’s friend, Henry Mundt, a member of the Society of Ethical Hypnotists. I was helped immediately by the relaxation techniques he taught me especially “ The 2-2-5 “ a simple breathing exercise that I continue to use everyday. Here are the simple steps Hank Mundt taught me.

First…in a quiet, semi-darkened room with your eyes closed, lie down on your back on a bed or a couch or sit up in a straight chair with your feet flat on the floor, palms upward.

1. [Inhale] hold your breath for a count of Two………1…………….2………….[exhale]

[Inhale] hold your breath for a count of Two………1…………….2………….[exhale]

[Inhale] this time hold your breath for a count of Five

[Exhale] then repeat the sequence called “Two–Two–Five” again

[Inhale] 1…2 [Exhale]… [Inhale] 1…2 [Exhale]…

[Inhale] 1…2…3…4…5 [Exhale]

2. visualize a flight of stairs. Starting at the number 100, count backwards slowly to the number 1, seeing each number as you descend.

3. When you reach the bottom Then say,” Positive thinking brings results I desire (five times) Then say, “My creative forces find easy expression” (five times). Take a deep breath and say each line five more times.

When you’ve finished, visualize taking an elevator up to the place where you started.

In less than 24 hours, I had a chance to put what I learned to a practical test. Saturday morning, I had an appointment to co-write a song with my Friend WB Staff writer Alan O’Day [“Undercover Angel”, “Angie Baby”]. After spending the night breaking up with my girl. I didn’t feel very creative, but we had a title that begged to be written,” Flashback”.
Usually it took a little time before I could write about a hurtful situation…but I had an idea. If I could hypnotize myself and go below the pain in my back…why couldn’t I hypnotize myself and go below the pain in my heart? And write about it!

While Alan, skeptically but quietly watched I did couple of 2-2-5s, went down 100 steps backwards …then repeated, “Positive thinking bring results I desire…Positive thinking brings results I desire…My creative forces find easy expression…My creative forces find easy expression.”I kept repeating the phrase for about 10 minutes Alan was as surprised as I was when I came out of my altered statewith the lyric to the entire first verse and chorus intact…

I wake up in a cold sweat to a clock that says it’s only 3 AM

Thinking that I touched you when I really only dreamed of you again

I’m clinging to your pillow, like a drowning man would hold on and I

Feel a flood of memories rushing in…and I

FLASHBACK…Back to the time you were mine and we lived in a love song

FLASHBACK…Chasin’ the sun, we would run with a dream we could grow on

Everything that we touched turned to love!

Alan started writing an incredible melody and a few days later we got together again. I put myself back under and a few hours later our song was finished!

My cigarette has burned down to my finger and it brings me back to now

And I’m searching through the ashes for the answers to the where, the why and how

Did I ask for too much lovin”? Did you want too much freedom?

Did we both want more than Heaven would allow?

FLASHBACK…Back to the time you were mine and we lived in a love song

FLASHBACK…Chasin’ the sun, we would run with a dream we could grow on

Everything that we touched turned to love!

Summer nights runnin’ in the rain…

Summer Nights spinnin’ in my brain…and I

FLASHBACK…Back to the time you were mine and we lived in a love song

FLASHBACK…Chasin’ the sun, we would run with a dream we could grow on

Everything that we touched turned to love!

Copyright 1973/ 2006 – Warner Brothers music/ Sashay Music

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My new online friend, Sebastian Prooth, in the U.K. has been helping me create a blog, here in the California Desert. Over the past few days he’s asked me questions about “The Other Side”. As I explained how I’m able to channel spirits, he asked me if I was able could channel anyone. He wanted to communicate with a prominent star trek writer who passed away last year, Michael Piller, who he didn’t know. Almost as soon as he had asked the question, I felt my body was being taken over, and I felt like the spirit of Michael was pulsing through me.

Needless to say, Sebastian, was startled, when I spoke to him with what he recognized immediately as similar inflections of Michael. I had never heard him myself. After, Sebastian, calmed down, I asked him to read a story on my website about an event that happened over thirty years ago.

One of my closest friends singer and songwriter, Patti Dahlstrom, [“Emotion” [Dahlstrom/ Sanson], introduced me to one of her closest friends, Jim Croce [ “Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown”, “I Got A Name”]. We saw we had a lot in common. Patti went to his concerts, TV shows and sometimes we just sat around talking or playing guitar. Although I was more of a publisher at the time, working for Warner Bros. Music, I knew I was in the presence of an extraordinary human being and could learn a great from him about songwriting and life.

The night Jim Croce plane crashed, Patti, and I had already started a song that eventually became a tribute to him “Sending my Good Thoughts to You”. Since his passing, whenever I’ve been stuck on a lyric or need a little help with one of life’s little problems, Jim, appears to me and gives me an answer, usually saturated with his “wry” sense of humor.

Up until recently I’ve been reluctant to discuss my experiences in the paranormal, I now realize it’s important to share whatever important information we have. I’m not a Psychic, a Mystic or a Medium but for the last thirty years, I’ve communicated with those who’ve passed over to the other side and they’ve communicated with me.

My grandmother, who helped raise me, has guided me for years whenever I need moral or spiritual support. Jim Croce helps me out when I get stuck on a lyric. Van McCoy works on an arrangement with me. Dr. Floyd Taylor still works on my back everyday. Dr. Henry Mundt, the man who taught me hypnosis reminds me not to stress out. Finally Jimi Hendrix comes back and plays through me whenever I call on him.

I know it sounds pretty far out but I have learned how to access anyone I wish on the other side. Five years ago, the following came to me during a deep meditation, and I wrote it down as soon as I woke up. Until now, I haven’t had the opportunity or the courage to present it publicly. Here it is exactly as I received it:

JULY 31, 1998

Dear Friends,

I’ve been “told” to deliver short messages from the “so called dead” and show anyone who’s interested how to establish a “direct” line of communication with the “other side”….without charge.

The steps are as follows:

1. In a darkened room….relax in a comfortable chair or lie down facing upward with palms to the sky.

2. Do several 2-2-5s

Inhale through the nose [ count 1…..2…..] Exhale through the mouth.

Inhale through the nose [ count 1…..2…..] Exhale through the mouth.

Inhale through the nose [ count 1…..2…..3…..4…..5 ] Exhale through the mouth.

Close your eyes and repeat the 2-2-5 breathing pattern ’til you’re relaxed.


3. Say out loud,” Lord bless this communication”

4. Play a song that you know was specifically written for someone on the other side….[you may use “Sending My Good Thoughts To You” [ Dahlstrom/ Wayne]…..   now visualize whom you wish to contact.

5. When there’s a tear in your eye you know your journey has begun…………there is no need to be afraid ………….communicate with each other without words.

6. When the music ends….write down what you have experienced…..without wiping the tears off of your face.

7. Lean back or lay back and say ,” Thank You Lord “…….to yourself.

8. Open your eyes and resume your regular activities.


Regards, Artie Wayne


*= “Sending My Good Thoughts to You” copyright 1973- Patti Dahlstrom music/ Warner Brothers music.

From Patti Dahlstrom’s 20th Century Fox album, “Your Place or Mine”