This morning I interviewed my long time friend, Kenny Schaffer, long-ago publicist for the Left Banke, Jimi Hendrix, Alice Cooper and Jerry Garcia. This is the guy who also invented the wireless microphone and the wireless guitar in his spare time! The critics are raving about TV2Me, his latest invention, which allows you to bring your local cable or satellite programming with you, at cable-TV quality, anywhere you travel in the world!

As we took a breather from the interview, catching up on old times and laughing, I joked about my becoming the Andy Rooney of Rock and he told me a story about the man himself.

“You know that I suggested two stories to Andy Rooney, both of which he actually did. My favorite one was the one about “blow-in cards” that keep falling out of magazines. I suggested that they block the drainpipe of my bathtub, fall all over the floor, etc.. I proposed to him that everybody should collect all these freaking drop-in cards until they have a pile of 30 or 50, then walk over to the post box and dump them all in (blank, of course). And since they’re return postage paid, the assholes who put these things in the magazines will eventually get the idea — in their pockets, possibly the only part of their anatomy used for thinking.

Rooney did the story – but wimped out – stopping just short of suggesting people dump the unsigned cards into the post box — (probably some intervention from “standards and practices” at CBS.)

Kenny…All I can say is let the revolution begin!

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