Ever since I unexpectedly channeled the late Star Trek writer Michael Piller in a conversation with Pod Blogger Sebastian Prooth, many people have asked me if I’ve had other experiences with the other side.

I’m not a professional psychic, documented healer, or spiritualist. I’m a writer and an artist who’s lived an extraordinary life http://artiewayne.com I do, however, consider myself a psychically attuned, spiritually guided, observant layman who has made remarkable discoveries

The first time that I realized that I was channeling information from the other side was in the summer of 1966. I was a staff songwriter and producer for Scepter records in New York City. I had just gotten married and like most young breadwinners needed extra cash. I made a deal with Ed Silvers, who headed Scepters publishing company, that I would get a base salary of $125 a week plus $100 general advance for every song I’d have recorded. He would usually only accept one or two songs a week, which limited my Income.When he made a two week trip to Europe I took the opportunity to convince the label owners that I could write and produce sides for the Shirrelles, the Kingsmen and the Guess Who, as well as writing 10 new songs for a patriotic and spiritual concept album…all before Silvers got back.
Just as I started writing, my grandmother, “Gooma” who helped raise me and was a big influence in my life, became seriously ill. I was beside myself and stressed out, but I had a big job to do. In between bedside visits, I knocked out the pop songs first…then I did the patriotic songs. When it came time for me to do the spiritual songs, my grandmother took a turn for the worse.

I started to write…and as I wiped away my tears, from out of nowhere an entire song came through me in less than 3 minutes. It’s called,” “Daddy, Daddy What is Heaven like?” It’s a song about a little boy having a conversation with his father…

“Daddy, Daddy What is Heaven Like?

Is it like our house so pretty and White?

It doesn’t seem right, it doesn’t seem fair…

If Mommy loved us so…why’d she go there?”

“Heaven, my child, is a beautiful place

Where there’s a smile on everyone’s face

Mommy loved us both but she had to go…

We needed her so but they needed her more”

“Daddy, Daddy is Heaven very far?

How long would it take if we go by car?

If you cross me at the corner, I can take my bike

Daddy, Please tell me what is Heaven like?”

“You can’t go there by a bike or a car…

But if you’re good you’ll go real far.

Maybe someday you’ll go to Heaven too

If I know your Mommy she’s saved a place for you.”

“Daddy, Daddy I can hardly wait

I’m so excited Heaven sounds great!

Can I run and tell sister goodbye?

Why is there Daddy a teardrop in your eye?”

Copyright 1966/ 2006- words and music by Artie Wayne for Wayneart music

What’s ironic about this is…I never knew my father on Earth and didn’t have any children myself. In retrospect, I look at this as an exchange with my heavenly father who was answering questions that were in my spiritually developing mind. God let us keep “Gooma” a little bit longer and I was fortunate to have Tiny Tim record “Daddy, Daddy” on his Gold album “Tiptoe Through the Tulips”.

I was proud when Miriam Makeba performed the song to a five-minute standing ovation in Philharmonic hall at Lincoln Center…but even prouder when she sang it on Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show” the following night and my grandmother was able to watch it.

(Part Two)

Whenever a line or idea came to me, seemingly, out of the blue I considered it a gift. It was only during times of great emotional stress, however, when I channeled entire songs. The next time this happened was when my Grandmother passed away in 1974.

When I heard the news, I flew back to New York from Hollywood, where I was general manager of Warner Brothers Music. Although for the past few years I had been concentrating on promoting other people’s songs … now I was compelled to write again.

During the three-day period, from the time she passed until her funeral …Gooma came to me in my darkened hotel room several times. She talked to me in her usual comforting tone… told me not to cry or be afraid. She smiled and said I should be happy for her…that she was finally out of pain.

She didn’t look like the 83 year old that I revered…but like the thirty year old, whose picture lived in the family album. She sat across from me slightly illuminated by what seemed to be a light coming from within. She told me that we all have guides from the other side who anonymously give us information everyday…but from now on she would be my personal guide.

She told me not to tell my Mother or my aunt Wan about these visits right now…someday they’d understand. Then I remember writing…

From The Inside

by Artie Wayne

Like a star in the midnight sky…your love was there to guide me

When I was weak, too weak to try…you’d be right there beside me

Urging me on…Makin’me strong…”you’d keep sayin’,

“Go on boy…you can do it.

It’s only life… there’s nothin’ to it…

Just the seein’ through it “From the Inside”

I spread my wings, left the nest…swearin’ nothin’ would get by me

I tasted love and I tasted life…but not enough to satisfy me.

But leading me on…makin’ me strong…I heard you sayin’,

“Go on boy…you can do it.

It’s only life… there’s nothin’ to it…

Just the seeing through it From the Inside.”

(Then I stopped writing…I couldn’t trivialize this experience and turn it into a pop song. …But when I put a rose on her casket, as they were lowering her into ground…I was given the final verse.)

Like a star in the midnight sky…that fades into the morning

Came back to show ya’ I could fly.. you were gone without a warning

But lingering on…still makin’ me strong I hear you sayin’,

“Go on boy…you can do it.

It’s only life…there’s nothin’ to it…

Just the seein’ through it…From the Inside.”

Copyright-1974/2006 Rondor music

Text- Copyright-2006 Artie Wayne
To hear “From The Inside” click onto http://artiewayne.com/inside.html to hear the original demo by Kim Carnes Read the rest of this entry »

My new online friend, Sebastian Prooth, in the U.K. has been helping me create a blog, here in the California Desert. Over the past few days he’s asked me questions about “The Other Side”. As I explained how I’m able to channel spirits, he asked me if I was able could channel anyone. He wanted to communicate with a prominent star trek writer who passed away last year, Michael Piller, who he didn’t know. Almost as soon as he had asked the question, I felt my body was being taken over, and I felt like the spirit of Michael was pulsing through me.

Needless to say, Sebastian, was startled, when I spoke to him with what he recognized immediately as similar inflections of Michael. I had never heard him myself. After, Sebastian, calmed down, I asked him to read a story on my website about an event that happened over thirty years ago.

One of my closest friends singer and songwriter, Patti Dahlstrom, [“Emotion” [Dahlstrom/ Sanson], introduced me to one of her closest friends, Jim Croce [ “Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown”, “I Got A Name”]. We saw we had a lot in common. Patti went to his concerts, TV shows and sometimes we just sat around talking or playing guitar. Although I was more of a publisher at the time, working for Warner Bros. Music, I knew I was in the presence of an extraordinary human being and could learn a great from him about songwriting and life.

The night Jim Croce plane crashed, Patti, and I had already started a song that eventually became a tribute to him “Sending my Good Thoughts to You”. Since his passing, whenever I’ve been stuck on a lyric or need a little help with one of life’s little problems, Jim, appears to me and gives me an answer, usually saturated with his “wry” sense of humor.

Up until recently I’ve been reluctant to discuss my experiences in the paranormal, I now realize it’s important to share whatever important information we have. I’m not a Psychic, a Mystic or a Medium but for the last thirty years, I’ve communicated with those who’ve passed over to the other side and they’ve communicated with me.

My grandmother, who helped raise me, has guided me for years whenever I need moral or spiritual support. Jim Croce helps me out when I get stuck on a lyric. Van McCoy works on an arrangement with me. Dr. Floyd Taylor still works on my back everyday. Dr. Henry Mundt, the man who taught me hypnosis reminds me not to stress out. Finally Jimi Hendrix comes back and plays through me whenever I call on him.

I know it sounds pretty far out but I have learned how to access anyone I wish on the other side. Five years ago, the following came to me during a deep meditation, and I wrote it down as soon as I woke up. Until now, I haven’t had the opportunity or the courage to present it publicly. Here it is exactly as I received it:

JULY 31, 1998

Dear Friends,

I’ve been “told” to deliver short messages from the “so called dead” and show anyone who’s interested how to establish a “direct” line of communication with the “other side”….without charge.

The steps are as follows:

1. In a darkened room….relax in a comfortable chair or lie down facing upward with palms to the sky.

2. Do several 2-2-5s

Inhale through the nose [ count 1…..2…..] Exhale through the mouth.

Inhale through the nose [ count 1…..2…..] Exhale through the mouth.

Inhale through the nose [ count 1…..2…..3…..4…..5 ] Exhale through the mouth.

Close your eyes and repeat the 2-2-5 breathing pattern ’til you’re relaxed.


3. Say out loud,” Lord bless this communication”

4. Play a song that you know was specifically written for someone on the other side….[you may use “Sending My Good Thoughts To You” [ Dahlstrom/ Wayne]….. http://artiewayne.com/sending.html   now visualize whom you wish to contact.

5. When there’s a tear in your eye you know your journey has begun…………there is no need to be afraid ………….communicate with each other without words.

6. When the music ends….write down what you have experienced…..without wiping the tears off of your face.

7. Lean back or lay back and say ,” Thank You Lord “…….to yourself.

8. Open your eyes and resume your regular activities.


Regards, Artie Wayne http://artiewayne.com


*= “Sending My Good Thoughts to You” copyright 1973- Patti Dahlstrom music/ Warner Brothers music.

From Patti Dahlstrom’s 20th Century Fox album, “Your Place or Mine”