Last week I got an e-mail from my longtime friend and sometime collaborator, Steve Cropper (“Sittin’ on the Dock Of The Bay”, “In The Midnight Hour”) who liked the lyric on a song I posted on July 18, 2006, “You Can’t Push A Bullet Back Into A Gun”. He told me the music could be better. I told him I realized that I wrote the music in the key of “suck” and asked if he’d collaborate with me on it…and he said Yes!

Steve Cropper, btw produced the first recording of my most covered song, “From the Inside” with Yvonne Eliiman. I wrote the song for my late grandmother…who continues to be a big inspiration in my life. My friend, Art Munson produced a new demo with a great singer, Janel Sadler. Just click onto

You can reach Art Munson at