Irwin Pincus was not only a good guy…he gave publishers a good name! In the early ‘60s when I was wandering the halls of 1650 Broadway looking for a home, Irwin Pincus always made me feel welcome. In fact, he always made me feel that the next song could be my first hit!

He, his father George, and Brother Lee owned George Pincus and Sons music an independent publisher whose catalog included “Old Cape Cod”, “Calcutta”, “Itsy Bitsy Bikini”, “Taste Of Honey”, “100 pounds of Clay”, and “She Loves You”, was right down the hall from Paul Vance (“Catch A Falling Star”), whom I was writing with at the time.

Their offices always seemed to a hotbed of activity from creative exchanges with writers Jeff Barry(“Tell Laura I Love Her”), Artie Resnick (“Good Lovin”), Ellie Greenwich (“Be My Baby”, , and Bobby Scott (“Taste of Honey”, “He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother” to being a home away from home to some of the top record producers at the time Shelby Singleton, Mercury Records, Snuff Garret Liberty Records, and Jimmy Bowen Reprise records.

It’s no surprise that when I started collaborating with Ben Raleigh (“Wonderful, Wonderful”, “Love Is A Hurtin’ Thing”), one of the first songs we placed was, “Laugh and The World Laughs With You” with Irwin who got Jack Scott (“My Own True Love”) to ride it up the country charts.

Although we never did any further business we remained friendly until we eventually lost touch. I’ll always remember him and his good natured smile as a man who was always there when you needed him.


Respectfully, Artie Wayne

Copyright 2011 by Artie Wayne

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