In the last three days I have felt really good about watching the news. The “Miracle on the Hudson” was an inspiration to everyone, seeing extraordinary leadership and regular people overcoming the overwhelming odds.


The next few days should be uplifting as well, with the highly anticipated inauguration of Barack Obama. Although I’m thrilled with the departure of George W. Bush, I am grateful that he kept us safe since 911 and has done so much for Africa. I believe he is a good man, but delusional. He listened to the wrong people, and didn’t fire them when he should have.


The new President is taking over our country at the most difficult time in American History, but he actually might be able to turn things around. A lot of naysayers are calling his appeal to people who voted for him, “to be patient…and lower your expectations”, a cop-out on not having to make good on his campaign promises. I call it dealing with priorities, and the economy certainly qualifies as that! President Obama certainly has the organizational skills to create a team of the best minds to deal with this crisis, and I’m rooting for him.


I am concerned, however, with the closing of “Gitmo” and the possible release of terrorists back to their countries where they could lead groups who are trying to kill us. Remember what happened on June 13, 2008, when 750 suspected militants escaped from an Afghan prison. Although we were winning the war in Afghanistan, it was only a matter of weeks, before there was a resurgence of the Taliban, which was led by many of the prison escapees!


I believe that President Obama, will do what’s best for all of us. It’s a gift to be able to inspire, but it’s a blessing to be able to deliver. I may be naïve, but I believe he really cares about what the average American thinks. As half-black and half- Jewish, I know what it’s like to be discriminated against. I’ve been a victim of Racism, Sexism, Eliteism, and now ageism, but I never gave up hope.


God, Bless You, Mr. President, even before you take office you’ve shown that you  are a man of inclusion. You make me proud to be an American again!



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