Earlier today, my friend, Social Media Manager, Jeanette Lundgren and I were working on building a positive campaign for the forthcoming FACEBOOK FRIENDS APPRECIATION DAY and a song written by Alan O’Day (“UNDERCOVER ANGEL”), Sally Stevens and myself . Then an article spun across my virtual desk with the title “Facebook” from Bob Lefsetz which felt so negative compared to what my colleagues and I are trying to create.  I couldn’t help but write my experiences on the subject in reply because Facebook is currently one of my top valued business tools. 
Before I give a response to his recent post I want you read what he said about FACEBOOK! 
Although I’m disabled and no longer am able to leave my house, I still  can travel all over the world via my FACEBOOK friends. I can stroll the beaches of Chile with Kellye, sightsee in Cairo with Patti, go on a photo safari in Africa with Dave, and go on a cruise in the Bahamas with my cousin Sharon and her husband Algie.
I resumed writing, pitching songs, and even finished my autobiography, “I DID IT FOR A SONG” with the help of about thirty of my FACEBOOK Friends.
In the past year I reconnected with over 700 people from my past and helped them reconnect with many of their friends. I see all the posts that scroll down my screen, and feel good that so many are filled with positive thoughts and messages, that I can’t accept what Bob Lefsetz said.
My friend, Social Media Manager, Jeanette Lundgren, “Mother Hen” agrees with me. “In the last year alone I have made some very valuable connections for my clients with house concerts and internet radio.  Facebook is the new ‘hands across the water’ — the internet and facebook knows no borders.  We are all in this together.
“It is true that some other social media site may come along that trumps Facebook (the way Facebook trumped myspace); and it is also true that sometimes Facebook makes changes that confuse and anger their populace BUT they always give you forewarning and the opportunity to dip your toe in to check the waters’ temperature before pulling the carpet out from under you.  In these instances, I have learned to jump in cold, learn the ropes and give my clients and friends the opportunity to change while I walk them through it.  Facebook isn’t changing their site to anger you; they’re making changes to make their site more useful.  The fact that people as a rule don’t like change can’t be helped.  Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow.”
Jeanette and I have decided not to stand around and let FACEBOOK take the blows without doing something about it. So we’re putting our full support behind next Tuesdays (6/21) FACEBOOK FRIENDS APPRECIATION DAY.
More about it tomorrow and how you can help!
Here is our “official” song of the movement — a song we wrote about FACEBOOK…not about the technical aspects, but about the humanity and the world’s new way of shaking hands! “I WANNA BE YOUR FACEBOOK FRIEND” (O’Day/Stevens/Wayne)

Jeanette Lundgren is the “Mom Hen” in Mother Hen Promotions; she calls herself a Social Media Manager (with a side of internet radio) for quality independent musicians and indie music related businesses. http://www.motherhenpromotions.com 

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