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I wanted to do a blog about summer, but I didn’t have any ideas, until I read the blog today from Kent Kotal and FORGOTTEN HITS. The readers of this ’60s and ’70s music forum voted on the TOP 40 ALL –TIME SUMMER FAVORITES!

I was not only impressed with the final list, but also how it was arrived at. Kent questioned, “What if you asked the REAL oldies fans out there … the ones who have seen their share of summers over the years … they’ve seen the various trends come and go … I just couldn’t help but wonder what songs best evoke the Spirit of Summer in the eyes and ears of The REAL Oldies Fans? (Of course, I suppose I could have simply listed MY All-Time Summer Favorites … but to me, that approach always seems to take on a “I Know Music and You Don’t” connotation … or, as I like to call it, the “Jann Wenner Philosophy of Music”!)

So, instead … in 2001, we polled our readers … and received about 400 responses … hardly an overwhelming or decisive amount (but you have to remember that we did have a much smaller circulation then … and we were also polling a pretty selective audience.)

In 2006, we decided to ask our readers again to vote for their All-Time Summer Favorites. This time about 2100 people responded … yet the majority of The Top Ten remained the same. Hmmm … maybe a trend was beginning to develop here … maybe these really ARE the All-Time Summer Favorites.

Just to be sure, we asked our readers AGAIN in 2010 … and this time we received about 9200 votes!!! And guess what … the SAME song that came in at #1 in 2001 … and ALSO came in at #1 in 2006 … came in at #1 AGAIN in 2010!!! And by an increasingly larger margin each time. (Enough so to officially proclaim this year’s victory a LANDSLIDE!)

That’s good enough for me!!! I believe that we can unequivocally state FOR THE RECORD that the list you are about to review is, WITHOUT QUESTION, representative of The All-Time Favorite Songs Of Summer as determined by The Oldies Nation. (See if you agree!)”

1. SUMMER IN THE CITY – The Lovin’ Spoonful (#1 each and every time we’ve run this poll … and by a LANDSLIDE this year too!)

2. A SUMMER SONG – Chad and Jeremy

3. HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME – Sly and the Family Stone (These two tracks have ALWAYS finished near the top of the list … but this is the first time they’ve flip-flopped their ranking!)

4. ALL SUMMER LONG – The Beach Boys (The Beach Boys have placed in The Top Ten every time we’ve done the poll … yet it’s been a different song each time that earned this honor.

5. IN THE SUMMERTIME – Mungo Jerry
(Just try not to sing along with THIS one … I dare ya!)

(A Summer Favorite … and an Instrumental Favorite … the vocal version by

7. SUMMERTIME – Billy Stewart (A popular song, “Summertime” was nominated by everybody from Billy Stewart to Janis Joplin to Billie Holiday to American Idol Winner Fantasia Barrino!)

8. SUMMERTIME BLUES – Eddie Cochran (Likewise, this one earned votes for Eddie Cochran, The Who and Blue Cheer,all of whom recorded successful versions of this summertime classic!)

9. CALIFORNIA GIRLS – The Beach Boys


11. I GET AROUND – The Beach Boys

12. HERE COMES SUMMER – Jerry Keller

13. CALIFORNIA SUN – The Rivieras

14. SURFIN’ USA – The Beach Boys

15. DANCING IN THE STREET – Martha and the Vandellas

16. SEALED WITH A KISS – Brian Hyland

17. FUN FUN FUN – The Beach Boys (Is there a better summer song that this one??? And it was released in FEBRUARY!!!

18. SCHOOL’S OUT – Alice Cooper   

19. SATISFACTION – The Rolling Stones


(A #1 Record here in Chicago!)

Now Artie Wayne cleverly slips in a plug. I wasn’t going to let this golden oldie opportunity to go by and not mention that I have a connection to 15 out of the first TOP 20 records listed.

I gave up some precious mastering time at Bellsound in N.Y.to my friend Artie Ripp so he could master “Summer in the City”!

My partner Kelli Ross and I ran Leslie Gore’s publishing companies which included “California Nights”.

Kelli and I also represented the publishing companies of Peter Udell and Gary Geld “Sealed with a Kiss”.

I helped get my pal from the past Alice Cooper (“School’s Out”) get on the first show of my former manager, Don Kirshner’s “In Concert” series on ABC.

When I was General Mgr. of Warner Brothers Music we ran Sly Stone’s publishing company which included “Hot Fun in the Summertime”! We also published Gershwin’s “Summertime”, Eddie Cochran’s “Summertime Blues”, and “Theme from a Summer Place”.

I sang with Jerry Keller (“Here Comes Summer”) and Ron Dante (“Sugar, Sugar”) as the Duprees for one record.

When I was running Irving – Almo music, I represented Mungo Jerry’s “In The Summerrtime”, and five Brian Wilson songs in the first TOP 20, “All Summer Long”, “California Girls”, “I Get Around”, “Surfin’ USA”, and “Fun, Fun, Fun”.


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When I looked through my inbox yesterday I found an incredible surprise from my friends Kent Kotal of Forgotten Hits, one of the best music forums on the internet and producer/songwriter John Madera (“At The Hop”, “You Don’t Own Me”, “The Fly” (all co-written with Dave White)

They each sent me a list of EVERY BEATLE VIDEO EVER MADE! YES EVERY BEATLE VIDEO EVER MADE! within minutes of each other and I hope you enjoy them as much as I am!

Thanks again to Kent at Forgotten Hits http://forgottenhits.com who has an especially exciting blog this week.

And to John Madera, http://thatphillysound.com

A Day in the  Life <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=A+Day+in+the+Life>
A Hard Day’s  Night <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=A+Hard+Day’s+Night>
A Taste of  Honey

Across The  Universe http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Across+The+Universe
Act  Naturally <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Act+Naturally>
All I’ve got to  Do <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=All+I’ve+got+to+Do>
All My  Loving <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=All+My+Loving>
All Together  Now <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=All+Together+Now>
All You Need Is  Love

And I Love  Her <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=And+I+Love+Her>
ahdnshouldAnd Your Bird Can  Sing <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=And+Your+Bird+Can+Sing>
Anna (Go To  Him)

Another  Girl

Any Time At  All <http://www.beatlestube.net/video..php?title=Any+Time+At+All>
Ask Me  Why

Baby It’s  You <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Baby+It’s+You>
Baby You’re A Rich  Man http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Baby+You’re+A+Rich+Man
Baby’s in  Black

Back In The  USSR <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Back+In+The+USSR>
Bad  Boy

Because <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Because>
Being for the Benefit  of Mr.  Kite! <http://www.beatlestube.net/video..php?title=Being+for+the+Benefit+of+Mr.+Kite!>

Blackbird <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Blackbird>
Blue Jay  Way <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Blue+Jay+Way>
Boys <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Boys>
Can’t Buy Me  Love <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Can’t+Buy+Me+Love>
Carry That  Weight <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Carry+That+Weight>
Chains <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Chains>
Come  Together <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Come+Together>
Cry Baby  Cry <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Cry+Baby+Cry>
Day  Tripper <http://www..beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Day+Tripper>
Dear  Prudence <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Dear+Prudence>
Devil In Her  Heart <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Devil+In+Her+Heart>
Dig A  Pony <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Dig+A+Pony>
Dig  It <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Dig+It>
Dizzy Miss Lizzie <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Dizzy+Miss+Lizzie>


Do You Want to Know a  Secret <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Do+You+Want+to+Know+a+Secret>
Doctor  Robert <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Doctor+Robert>
Don’t Bother  Me <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Don’t+Bother+Me>
Don’t Let Me  Down <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Don’t+Let+Me+Down>
Don’t Pass Me  By <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Don’t+Pass+Me+By>
Drive My  Car <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Drive+My+Car>

Eight Days a  Week <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Eight+Days+a+Week>
Eleanor  Rigby <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Eleanor+Rigby>
Every Little  Thing <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Every+Little+Thing>
Everybody’s Got  Something to Hide Except For Me and My  Monkey

Everybody’s Trying to  be My  Baby <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Everybody’s+Trying+to+be+My+Baby>
Fixing a  Hole <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Fixing+a+Hole>
Flying  (instrumental) <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Flying+(instrumental)>
For No  One <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=For+No+One>
For You  Blue <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=For+You+Blue>
Free As A  Bird <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Free+As+A+Bird>

From Me To  You <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=From+Me+To+You>
Get  Back <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Get+Back>
Getting  Better <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Getting+Better>
Girl <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Girl>
Glass  Onion <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Glass+Onion>
Golden  Slumbers <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Golden+Slumbers>
Good Day  Sunshine

Good Morning, Good  Morning <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Good+Morning,+Good+Morning>
Good  Night <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Good+Night>
Got To Get You Into  My  Life <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Got+To+Get+You+Into+My+Life>
Happiness is a Warm  Gun <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Happiness+is+a+Warm+Gun> aniringo
Hello,  Goodbye <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Hello,+Goodbye>
Help <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Help>
Helter  Skelter <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Helter+Skelter>
Her  Majesty <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Her+Majesty>
Here Comes The  Sun http://www.beatlestube.net/video..php?title=Here+Comes+The+Sun Here, There And  Everywhere <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Here,+There+And+Everywhere>
Hey  Bulldog <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Hey+Bulldog>
Hey  Jude <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Hey+Jude>
Hold Me  Tight <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Hold+Me+Tight>
Honey  Don’t <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Honey+Don’t>
Honey  Pie

I Am the  Walrus <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I+Am+the+Walrus>
I Call Your  Name

I Don’t Want to Spoil  the  Party <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I+Don’t+Want+to+Spoil+the+Party>
anipaulI Feel  Fine <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I+Feel+Fine>
I Me  Mine <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I+Me+Mine>
I Need  You <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I+Need+You>
I Saw Her Standing  There <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I+Saw+Her+Standing+There>
I Should Have Known  Better <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I+Should+Have+Known+Better>
I Wanna Be Your  Man http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I+Wanna+Be+Your+Man
I Want To Hold Your  Hand

I Want To Tell  You <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I+Want+To+Tell+You> I Want You (She’s So  Heavy) <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I+Want+You+(She’s+So+Heavy)>
I  Will <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I+Will>
I’ll Be  Back <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I’ll+Be+Back>
I’ll Cry  Instead

I’ll Follow the  Sun

I’ll Get  You <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I’ll+Get+You>
I’m a  Loser
<http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I’m+a+Loser> lennonani

I’m  Down <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I’m+Down>
I’m Just Happy to  Dance with  You <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I’m+Just+Happy+to+Dance+with+You>
I’m Looking Through  You <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I’m+Looking+Through+You>
I’m Only  Sleeping <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I’m+Only+Sleeping>
I’m so  tired <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I’m+so+tired>
I’ve Got A  Feeling <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I’ve+Got+A+Feeling>
I’ve Just Seen a  Face <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I’ve+Just+Seen+a+Face>
If I  Fell <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=If+I+Fell>
If I Needed  Someone

In My  Life <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=In+My+Life>
It Won’t Be  Long

It’s All Too  Much <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=It’s+All+Too+Much>
It’s Only  Love <http://www.beatlestube.net/video..php?title=It’s+Only+Love>

Kansas City / Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Kansas+City/Hey,+Hey,+Hey,+Hey>
Komm Gib Mir Deine  Hand <http://www.beatlestube.net/video..php?title=Komm+Gib+Mir+Deine+Hand>
Lady  Madonna <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Lady+Madonna> 4-beatles
Let it  Be <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Let+it+Be>
Little  Child <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Little+Child>
Long Tall  Sally <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Long+Tall+Sally>
Long, Long, Long <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Long,+Long,+Long>
Love Me  Do <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Love+Me+Do>
Love You  To <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Love+You+To>
Lovely  Rita <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Lovely+Rita>
Lucy in the Sky with  Diamonds <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Lucy+in+the+Sky+with+Diamonds>
Maggie  Mae <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Maggie+Mae>
Magical Mystery  Tour

Martha My  Dear

Maxwell’s Silver  Hammer <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Maxwell’s+Silver+Hammer>
Mean Mr.  Mustard

Michelle <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Michelle>
Misery <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Misery>
Money (That’s What I  Want) <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Money+(That’s+What+I+Want)>
Mother Nature’s  Son <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Mother+Nature’s+Son>
Mr.  Moonlight

No  Reply <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=No+Reply>
Norwegian  Wood

Not a Second  Time <http://www.beatlestube.net/video..php?title=Not+a+Second+Time> Nowhere  Man <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Nowhere+Man>dig-beatles
Ob-La-Di,  Ob-La-Da <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Ob-La-Di,+Ob-La-Da>
Octopus’s  Garden <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Octopus’s+Garden>
Oh!  Darling <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Oh!+Darling>
Old Brown  Shoe

One After  909 <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=One+After+909>
Only A Northern  Song <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Only+A+Northern+Song>
P.S. I Love  You
Paperback  Writer <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Paperback+Writer>
Penny  Lane <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Penny+Lane>
Piggies <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Piggies>
Please Mister Postman
Please Please  Me

Polythene  Pam

Rain <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Rain>
Real  Love <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Real+Love>
Revolution  1 <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Revolution+1>
Revolution  9

Rock and Roll  Music http://www.beatlestube.net/video..php?title=Rock+and+Roll+Music
Rocky  Raccoon <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Rocky+Raccoon>
Roll Over  Beethoven http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Roll+Over+Beethoven
Run For Your  Life

Savoy  Truffle

Sexy  Sadie <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Sexy+Sadie>
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely  Hearts Club  Band <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Sgt.+Pepper’s+Lonely+Hearts+Club+Band>pepper
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely  Hearts Club Band  (Reprise) <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Sgt.+Pepper’s+Lonely+Hearts+Club+Band+(Reprise)>
She Came In Through  The Bathroom  Window

She Loves  You <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=She+Loves+You>
She Said, She  Said <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=She+Said,+She+Said>
She’s A  Woman
She’s Leaving  Home
<http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=She’s+Leaving+Home> Sie Liebt  Dich <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Sie+Liebt+Dich>

Slow  Down <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Slow+Down>
Something <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Something>
Strawberry Fields  Forever <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Strawberry+Fields+Forever>
Sun  King


Tell Me What You  See <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Tell+Me+What+You+See>
Tell Me  Why <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Tell+Me+Why>
Thank You  Girl <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Thank+You+Girl>
The Ballad of John  And  Yoko <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=The+Ballad+of+John+And+Yoko>
The Continuing Story  of Bungalow  Bill

The  End <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=The+End>
The Fool On The  Hill
http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=The+Fool+On+The+Hill The Inner  Light <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=The+Inner+Light>

The Long And Winding  Road <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=The+Long+And+Winding+Road>
The Night  Before <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=The+Night+Before>
The  Word <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=The+Word>
There’s A  Place <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=There’s+A+Place>
Things We Said  Today <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Things+We+Said+Today>
Think For  Yourself
This  Boy <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=This+Boy>
Ticket to  Ride <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Ticket+to+Ride>
Till There was  You <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Till+There+was+You>
beatles_gameTomorrow Never  Knows

Twist and  Shout <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Twist+and+Shout>
Two of  Us <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Two+of+Us>
Wait <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Wait>
We Can Work It  Out <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=We+Can+Work+It+Out>
What Goes  On <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=What+Goes+On>
What You’re  Doing <http://www.beatlestube.net/video..php?title=What+You’re+Doing>
When I Get  Home <http://www.beatlestube.net/video..php?title=When+I+Get+Home>
When I’m  Sixty-Four <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=When+I’m+Sixty-Four>
While My Guitar  Gently  Weeps <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=While+My+Guitar+Gently+Weeps>
Why don’t we do it in  the  road <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Why+don’t+we+do+it+in+the+road>
Wild Honey  Pie <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Wild+Honey+Pie>
With a Little Help  From My  Friends

Within You Without  You <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Within+You+Without+You>
Words of  Love <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Words+of+Love>
Yellow  Submarine <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Yellow+Submarine>
Yer  Blues <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Yer+Blues>
Yes It  Is <http://www.beatlestube..net/video.php?title=Yes+It+Is>
Yesterday <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Yesterday>
You Can’t Do  That <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=You+Can’t+Do+That>
You Know My  Name

You Like Me Too  Much <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=You+Like+Me+Too+Much>
You Never Give Me  Your  Money <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=You+Never+Give+Me+Your+Money>
You Really Got a Hold  on  Me <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=You+Really+Got+a+Hold+on+Me>edl09the-beatles-posters
You Won’t See  Me <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=You+Won’t+See+Me>
You’re Going to Lose  That  Girl <http://www.beatlestube.net/video..php?title=You’re+Going+to+Lose+That+Girl>
You’ve Got to Hide  Your Love  Away <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=You’ve+Got+to+Hide+Your+Love+Away>
Your Mother Should  Know http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Your+Mother+Should+Know

The Beatles  video from  Albums:
Please Please  Me <http://www.beatlestube.net/album.php?album=Please+Please+Me>
With The  Beatles <http://www.beatlestube.net/album.php?album=With+The+Beatles>
A Hard Day’s  Night http://www.beatlestube.net/album.php?album=A+Hard+Day’s+Night
Beatles For  Sale
Help! <http://www.beatlestube.net/album.php?album=Help!>
Rubber  Soul <http://www.beatlestube.net/album.php?album=Rubber+Soul>
Revolver <http://www.beatlestube.net/album.php?album=Revolver>
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely  Hearts Club  Band <http://www..beatlestube.net/album.php?album=Sgt.+Pepper’s+Lonely+Hearts+Club+Band>
Magical Mystery  Tour <http://www.beatlestube.net/album.php?album=Magical+Mystery+Tour>
The Beatles – White  Album

Yellow  Submarine <http://www.beatlestube.net/album.php?album=Yellow+Submarine>
Abbey  Road

Let It  Be <http://www.beatlestube.net/album.php?album=Let+It+Be>
Past Masters Volume  1 <http://www.beatlestube.net/album.php?album=Past+Masters+Volume+1>
Past Masters Volume  2 <http://www.beatlestube.net/album.php?album=Past+Masters+Volume+2>


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I grew up listening toTop 40 music, where I could hear Pop, R&B, Country and oldies side by side. Today, to get that kind of diversity from one place is impossible , so now I must get my music from many different sources.

I’ve made a list of TOP TEN “OLDIES” AND NEW MUSIC WEBSITES!, which I hope you enjoy. Here they are in no particular order.  



Spectropop… One of the main reasons I joined Spectropop, was the appreciation, by its members, of the well-crafted Pop song, the kind that dominated the Top 40 charts in the 1960s. The site is full of information and entertainment that has brought me back dozens of times this year! I personally want to thank Mick Patrick for helping to create and maintain one of the best interactive music sites on the web. http://spectropop.com   


Here’s the last interview producer, Hank Medress (“The Lion Sleeps Tonight’, “He’s So Fine”, “Tie A Yellow Ribbon”) did before he passed away, which ran first on Spectropop. http://www.spectropop.com/HankMedress/index.htm 




Coverville…Creator and host, Brian Ibbott, is one of the most consistent podcasters around. His twice weekly show spotlights new covers of older songs, never cease to amaze me! This week is his 516th show (all of which are downloadable). Make sure to check out the archives http://coverville.com




Kent Kotal, has put together quite a remarkable website…I’ll let him describe it, “If you’re tired of the same old 200 oldies being drummed into your head over and over and over and over again…then GET ON THE LIST!!! Forgotten Hits is a free online oldies music newsletter that allows oldies music fans the opportunity to share their memories right alongside those of the deejays, who keep this music alive, as well as many of the great artists who created this great music in the first place.”


Just click onto http://forgottenhits.com for more information and http://forgottenhits60s.blogspot.com/  to see new postings and features.




My pal from the past, Scott Shannon, not only is the top “Oldies” DJ in America, with over a million listeners, but he’s become a champion of an era of music that is being systematically eliminated on radio. The pursuit of younger listeners by advertisers, is resulting in part of our musical history being all but wiped out. Check out Scott’s website. http://www.trueoldieschannel.com/html/what.html



MTV is the pioneer in pop videos where you can see videos on line from early in the morning…until a little later in the morning. They are a bit heavy on puke-inducing alleged reality shows like “The Hills”, and the search for a new best friend by Paris Hilton, but you still can keep up with the latest hits as well as the drama on “Making The Band”. http://www.mtv.com/


Three of my MTV video favorites this week are from David Archuleta “Crush” http://www.mtv.com/overdrive/?artist=3080429&vid=278040


NEW EXCLUSIVE! Beyonce and her latest “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” http://www.mtv.com/overdrive/?id=1518071&vid=288236


UNEDITED! UNCENSORED! Britney Spears, “Womanizer”, http://www.mtv.com/overdrive/?id=1518072&vid=288244 




VH1 is the equivalent of an MOR or Adult Contemporary station with very little rap, and a better quality of pop songs. They have some the coarsest shows on reality TV like “I Love Money”, “Rock Of Love” and “Charm School”. They probably have shows like “What’s Your STD?”, and “Who’s Your Baby’s Daddy” waiting in the wings. They also routinely have music specials that are pretty good, but my favorite show is the Top 20 video countdown. Check it out. http://www.vh1.com/


My VH1 faves this week are, NEW! “If I Were A Boy” by Beyonce, “What About Now? by Daughtry, “Single” by New Kids On The Block, and NEW! Katy Perry Video, “Hot And Cold”. On the left hand side of the VH1 Homepage, you can click onto the titles you’d like to see.




BET…The Black Entertainment network is a bit rap heavy, but diverse within the Genre. It’s also one of the few places where you can see the latest R&B videos. One of my favorite shows is “106th street And Park”, with its Top Ten Countdown hosted by the foxy, Rocsi and some guy. The site also archives favorite old videos of current chartmakers like Usher, Ciara, and TI, which has given me a new perspective on enigmatic artists like Tupac Shakur. Click http://bet.com go to videos…music and check it out.



CMT…Country Music Television plays the best country videos. I haven’t been able to get it here the desert, for a year, so I can’t recommend any thing new. http://cmt.com



My longtime friend songwriter/ producer musician, Art Munson has put together a website that features music and articles of interest to our generation. He also is writing about his firsthand experiences as a musician, playing with Dick Dale as one of the Deltones, working on sessions with Glenn Campbell, and producing the Blossoms. I can’t wait to hear some of his stories about playing on Phil Spector and Righteous Brothers sessions, or when he played with Jimi Hendrix.





My Spectropop pal, Ronnie Allen, internet DJ, has put 65 of his best interviews online with the stars, and the people behind the scenes, who shaped the music of the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s. Ronnie Allen is located at the Jersey Girls Sing site, and if you click onto the marquee with his name on it, you’ll see a list of his archives, which include rare interviews with Bob Crewe and Roy Orbison. 





Laura calls her remarkable site, “the one-stop-shopping place to catch up with all your favorite actively touring artists from the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. We cover the light pop music, ot the culture, not the politics, not TV, or the movies…just Rock&Roll!  Click onto http://lpintop.tripod.com/oldiesconnection/



If you have more sites that I should write about, please leave the info below in the comments section along with a url of the site..


Thanks and regards, Artie https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/about-artie-wayne/


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