When you’re in the Baby Boomer generation (or older) we have a tendency to dismiss today’s music as being inferior to what we grew up with. You don’t have time to go through the bulls#@t to find the “Good Stuff”, so I’ll help find some “Good Stuff” for you!

My current favorite artist is producer/ singer/ songwriter Bruno Mars, who not only is featured along with rappers B.o.B. and  Travie McCoy  who he produces, but is also having incredible success as a solo artist. His videos are superb and his potential is unlimited.

Here is a collection of his best videos and a possibly his most controversial collaboration which he co-wrote…“F#@K YOU” BY Cee-Lo


and for those of us who difficulty hearing…

To reach Bruno Mars http://www.brunomars.com/

Special thanks to Sally Stevens for the Deaf interpreter video http://rockphiles.typepad.com/a_life_in_the_day/

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