Last week BP oil announced that they spent a million dollars to secure the number one spot on all the search engine results, so when you look for “Oil Spill” it directs you to the company’s “comforting and optimistic” website.  Only a month ago friends of mine were laughing at me  for putting any value on being number one on any of these lists! Now they’re asking me how I get up to billion and a half Google search results on just one one of my articles.!

S#!T, I was #1 on Google Search results for the term PATRIOTIC MUSIC VIDEOS for almost four years!  When I started getting thousands of hits on my website every year during this patriotic season, from Memorial Day through 9/11, I realized the value of topping a search results list. Since I started blogging four years ago I’ve been #1 over 50 times, with various different search terms.

Last year I had two songs I co-wrote released on four Michael Jackson posthumously released albums, and three weeks before Christmas, me and my cousin Sharon Link, contacted every Michael Jackson fan club in the world and alerted them to the 17 videos up on the Internet of a song I co – wrote for Michael Jackson with George Clinton, Jr., (just Google MICHAEL JACKSON LITTLE CHRISTMAS TREE. ) 1,650,000,000

I’ve known the power of Google for a long time. In my role as internet consultant I use Google to improve my client’s presence on the web, and promote my blog to an audience I couldn’t have dreamed of reaching only a few years ago.

I’m proud to say that I was the first to tout Tommy James’ shocking new book  (just Google ME, THE MOB, AND THE MUSIC) and the first to report on who is under consideration the new judge on “American Idol” with over 100, 000   Google search results (Google DIAMOND TO REPLACE COWELL)

Now I’m in the throes of an ambitious campaign to help bring America back together with the unifying power of music. Here’s the first of some NEW PATRIOTIC MUSIC VIDEOS I’m gathering starting with The Joel Diamond Experience and the brilliant remake of “UNITED WE STAND” featuring Benny Mardones and Teresa James!

Copyright 2010 by Artie Wayne