new fameBefore there was a “High School Musical” One, Two, or Three, “So You Think You Can Dance”, “American Idol” and “Glee”, there was the little movie that was a blueprint for them all, “FAME”! This 1980 musical, featured a cast of unknowns, who chronicled the lives of a group of students attending the High School of Performing Arts in New York City. It showed what it takes for young talent to pursue an artistic dream in a world filled with bores and whores.

“FAME” was not only a number one film around the world, it spawned a TV series “The Kids from Fame” that ran between 1982 and 1987…and the remake opens this weekend. I’ve only seen short preview clips, but I’m positive the world won’t be disappointed by what looks like a long MTV music video.

The musical glue that holds each of the franchises together is the Academy Award winning theme song “Fame” by my pals Dean Pitchford and Michael Gore, which I still consider one of the most inspiring anthems ever written!

deanWhen I asked Dean about the whole experience he said, “The idea behind “Fame” — that the journey to artistic expression and fulfillment has many, many routes — is timeless; it’s wonderful to know that the very material that excited and inspired me and Michael Gore twenty-nine years ago (!!!) can still fascinate a new generation.”

As I watched Irene Cara sing “FAME” from the first film again…I thought about all the hits Dean Pitchford has had in his career and decided to put together THE DEAN PITCHFORD VIDEO JUKE BOX

Now here are his hits including “FAME” and “FOOTLOOSE” in no particular order…

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