Last week comedian/ actor/ singer Jaime Foxx may as well have disqualified himself as a possible replacement for Simon Cowell on “American Idol”. As a mentor to the contestants on Tuesday and as a comment maker on the Wednesday results show, he was too strident, overbearing, and “in your face” to be welcomed into my home every week.

In the meantime, the debate goes on as to who is qualified to fill that English booger’s shoes. It’s my guess “Idol” will wait until after the season finale to make the big announcement. Will it be David Foster, Elton John, or Don “Mr. Personality” Kirshner? or will it be a relative unknown to the public, someone who has the credentials but not the TV Q that broadcasters rely on?

Wasn’t Simon Cowell a complete unknown in the US, while Paula Abdul had several hit records, and Randy Jackson was a top producer, as well as bass player for Journey. It only took a few weeks for the show and Simon to catch on. Why can’t it happen again?

A month ago I asked my readers “Who do you think will replace Simon Cowell, Ron Fair (CEO of Geffen Records) or Indie Producer/ manager Joel Diamond? Some of the hundreds of comments, at the bottom of the article,  made by some of the biggest names in the industry make it absolutely clear who the next judge should be!

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