June 28, 2010 —
Los Angeles, CA June 28, 2010
SimonReplacement.com Voting Update with Joel Diamond Leading.

After a month of preliminary voting at SIMON REPLACEMENT .COM for a Simon Cowell replacement for the hit show, AMERICAN IDOL, a trend has developed. Joel Diamond, record producer and manager, has emerged as the overall leader by a large margin, with a huge number of votes in. Although SimonReplacement.com voting will continue another month, Joel Diamond is presently the far and away vote leader.

Joel Diamond, perhaps thought lessor known by the public, is an record industry-recognized force and has been over several decades. His selection would bring credibility and Simon-like quality to American Idol, from the comments made. His long list of major hits and major clients makes him an obvious choice for a quick judge of talent.

Other candidates include: Harry Connick, Jr., Jamie Foxx, Sir Elton John, Quincy Jones, Tommy Mattola and Brett Michaels. Write-in candidates include David Hasselhoff and Englebert Humperdink, and Gene Simmons

SimonReplacement.com thanks the fans for participating in the voting and looks forward to a successful outcome in the ultimate replacement of Simon Cowell on American Idol. The voting has been heavy, with comments and suggestions being helpful. Anticipated traffic was larger than expected, and we have made available additional resources to accommodate those traffic loads.


Preston Drew