While VP Nominee, Sarah Palin, was doing a segment for the Today Show, she ran into 10 time EMMY nominee, Tina Fey (“30 Rock”), who is taping her show. The old friends, said to resemble each other, weary of their daily routines, decide to play a trick on their handlers, and trade places for the rest of the afternoon.

Sarah is halfway through the show, when Tracy Morgan notices that “Tina”, is funnier than usual and says, “You ain’t Tina…you’re funnier than usual!”, which brings the studio audience to it’s feet.

In the meantime, John McCain and “Sarah” are being interviewed by Meridith Viera, who asks “Sarah”, what she would like to accomplish as the first woman to become Vice-President? Seizing the rare opportunity to be taken seriously, Tina lays out a plan to bring about World Peace within 30 days! As the people in the studio gives her a round of applause, a beaming McCain whispers in her ear, “You’re more amazing every day!”

Although the Secret Service had their suspicions, it isn’t until the real Sarah’s newborn baby starts crying for his mama, is the deception uncovered!

Everyone has a good laugh, except the baby who’s waited long enough for lunch.

Copyright 2008 by Artie Wayne