Last week was my 70th birthday but I let it quietly pass…now ever since I’ve been celebrating the first day of the rest of my life! I’m very fortunate to have a few friends on Earth who have helped me get this far. I’d like to name them, but if I did they’d probably get together and beat my ass! They all agree, however,  that I should share my discovery with the rest of the world!

I’ve long believed in the power of music and its ability to change moods, inspire, distract, soothe, and sexually arouse. Now I want to talk about the healing power of music. “HEALING BEATS” are rhythms that  every human responds to on a deep genetic level, which have been used by primitive tribes since the beginning of time in ceremonies and rituals to promote health and well being. 

As I look back, Music and songs have always played an important part in my life. As an only child who was raised by my Mother and Grandmother living in the Bronx of the ‘50s, sometimes music was my only friend. Songs talked TO me…Songs spoke FOR me…they gave me a livelihood, and NOW they are healing me.

It’s been only a few weeks since I discovered that percussion, drums and rhythms , have been helping me to realign and calibrate my body when I play certain dance Videos during my physical therapy sessions.

After doing my exercises to Lady GaGa, Dan Hartman, and Michael Jackson, I found that I was using parts of my wheel chair bound body that I haven’t used for years! After warming up a little, I was raising and lowering my arms, rolling my neck around, playing imaginary maracas, and then I started emulating the upper body movements of the dancers in the videos. It wasn’t long before I was kicking my atrophied legs in front of me.

Producers like Quincy Jones have been using native percussionists  playing authentic instruments from Africa, Asia, South and Central America on his hit recordings for decades, and now they are  being sampled by everyone. Is it any wonder that we feel so good after listening or dancing to Michael Jackson!

As I “dance” in my wheelchair, I visualize the adult stem cell procedure I’ve been undergoing working at its optimum…and I feel severed nerves being reconnected as I’m moving different parts of my body to various “HEALING BEATS”

Here are my current favorite songs to exercise to, ‘’BLACK OR WHITE” by Michael Jackson  “BAD ROMANCE” by Lady GaGa, and “I CAN DREAM ABOUT YOU” by Dan Hartman

Remember you don’t have to get up to still get down! and “IF YOU CAN ONLY LIFT ONE FINGER YOU STILL CAN POINT THE WAY” 


 Copyright 2012 by Artie Wayne