HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL! Although we all are grateful to be living in age of FACEBOOK, how many of us have thought about or have taken a moment to thank the man who created it …Mark Zuckerberg. When he announced that he was going to start killing his own food, I realized that he wanted to get back to the basics, back in touch with humanity. http://www.triplepundit.com/2011/05/time-person-year-kills-food/ I think it’s important that Mark Zuckerberg hears the stories of people whose lives have been affected by his creation…so he will continue to renew his own spirit, as well as inspire the rest of the world.

The theme song for FACEBOOK FRIENDS APPRECIATION DAY, was written by Alan O’Day, (“ROCK AND ROLL HEAVEN”, “ANGIE BABY”), Sally Stevens, and I wrote to celebrate “The World’s New Way Of Shaking Hands”. “I WANNA’ BE YOUR FACEBOOK FRIEND” and the video directed by Wedigo Watson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzqU8AvYWjU The first comment is from Artie Kornfeld “THE FATHER OF WOODSTOCK”…

 When I recognized the potential of the almost friends club (another social network) and FACEBOOK as a new way to exchange ideas, ideals, and Love, I decided  that I could advance my personal agenda through giving ALL I had inside…and I  chose FACEBOOK. As the only, world accepted carrier of the God given feeling of Woodstock and my music making in the past, each post I made brought to me a wealth of real FB friends! The Artie Kornfeld, Spirit of the Woodstock Nation show that I acquired directly through FB friends has reached a million hits. I thus extended all the love helping young bands get heard! Artie Wayne, you’ve done such a great wonderful love work on the net and this! FACEBOOK FRIENDS APPRECIATION DAY Mark Zukerberg, I hope all is well and you are embracing the feeling that you are much needed and greatly appreciated.” Brotherhood with Artie Kornfeld http://www.artiekornfeld-woodstock.com/


“My Dad was the late (tho always on time) great Judge Roy Hofheinz,Actually, he was ahead of his time having built the first indoor all-purpose air-conditioned stadium in Harris County Houston ,Texas back in 1965. He named it The Astrodome in honor of The Astronauts and his baseball team, The Astros who played in it. Folks came from all over the World to see this spaceship that had landed in the Texas prairie.The Rev. Billy Grahamcalled it “The Eighth Wonder of The World.” Dad was left to a wheelchair after a major stroke and because he could no longer wheel and deal like no one else, he lost control. The Astros left, The Oilers left,The Rodeo left as 2 more stadiums were built in Houston with yet another in progress. After Dad was gone, The Astrodome was left to stand alone hanging onto life support. Had Dad had Facebook he would have operated from his chair. The wheels in his great mind were turning but he had no access to the World. But we do. And we are fighting for the life of the Original by which all other stadiums have been built: his scoreboard and skybox concepts were his. Last time I looked, The Rome Colloseum is still standing as is The Alamo. The Astrodome has her presence on Facebook and she reaches out to each of you in this room of folks who honor history, to give her a thumbs up. You can also write your ideas and support to me: Dene Hofheinz Anton on my Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/JacobeanLilly/posts/221574187876507#!/dene.anton Thank you, Artie Wayne, for this opportunity and to Alan O ‘Day for the song. Facebook IS the world.. Houston, we have a problem. Facebook friends and friends- to -be, let’s solve it together.!”

“Sometimes when I am feeling alone, I can scroll through the home page, see what others are up to, and join in if I want to. I can upload a new piece of art I’ve finished and receive compliments, which encourage me to continue pursuing a new career for me. The power of FB friendships unites people who are like minded, and if enough of us are united, we can make a difference!” Ann Munday founder of The Chrysalis Music Group USA http://annmunday.com P.S.”Having listened to your song through once, I found myself unexpectedly humming it quite a while later.”    I wasn’t one of the first radio guys to get involved in the social networking phenomenon, but I quickly learned to use it as an indispensible tool like a daily newspaper.  Face book was made for radio.  Talk about a video on the air, tell your listeners to go to you face book page.  Talk about a story on the air; tell them to check out all the details on your face book page.  A funny picture you want them to see, just direct them to your face book page.  If I need to alert my listeners of special programming or an upcoming promotion I can directly send them all a message in a fashion no other medium can do.  They said the internet would kill radio.  I think it made it stronger, and will continue to get stronger as the internet evolves at an exponential rate.” SCOTT SHANNON TRUE OLDIES CHANNEL http://www.trueoldies.com/ Artie,

There’s no question that the term “The Facebook Effect” has become a regular part of our lexicon. When you see churches, corporations, and national TV commercials sporting the little lower-case white letter ‘f’ emblazoned on a field of blue, then you have instant recognition for the effect that there is a connecting commonality between people. The people-to-people connections that Facebook presently brings, having been here such a relatively short time, has a history of joyous reconnections between loved ones, and affirmations of present-day reality “it’s all good” between friends who have no time for anything except to reach out and check in and say hello. 
I predict that the song, “I Wanna be your Facebook Friend” by yourself, Alan O’ Day, and Sally Stevens is one that will become as identifiable with the joys of Facebook as a beloved school fight song is to a college campus. Could ring tones be far away?
Happy Thanksgiving!
Dawn Lee Wakefield – Classic rock music – The Examiner    Dawn@dawnleewakefield.com.


RUSS REGAN former CEO of UNI and 20th Century Records https://www.facebook.com/pages/Russ-Regan/143662208987244
 Mark Zukerberg, his fiance Prisilla Chang and Beast, who has his own facebook page.
“FACEBOOK has opened up networking opportunities for everything to finding homes for death-row dogs in pounds, to uniting on national and international issues which affect animals.Many of my posts have to do with the plight of the American Wild Horse. These animals, symbols of freedom, who played a pivotal role in the history of our country and are beloved by the American public, are under an assault from which they may not recover.
There are now more wild horses in private holding facilities, paid for by the taxpayers, than running free on the lands guaranteed them in 1971. In brutal and unnecessary roundups, they lose not only their freedom and their rightful homes, but they lose their all-important family bands as well. As a member of the board of directors of Return to Freedom, which operates the American Wild Horse Sanctuary and is working to keep wild horses on the western landscape, I take every opportunity to spread the word about the tragedy befalling the horses and the ways to stop it. With the ability to not only tell my FACEBOOK friends, but to invite them to share with their friends this information an d action steps to help the horses, I have a much larger reach with FACEBOOK!”. Thanks for helping to keep us all united.” Jack Carone  Return to Freedom, American Wild horse Sanctuary  www.returntofreedom.org www.facebook.com/returntofreedom
“Maybe one mark of a genius is to create something that people never knew they wanted, and make it practically a necessity.  In my case, I’ve not only made over a thousand “friends” on my Facebook profile, many of whom tell me what my music has meant to them; I’ve also been able to reunite with friends & business peers from the past.  The feeling of connection means a lot.When I understood the opportunity that Facebook offers in it’s “group” feature, I started a group which I named “We Like Alan O’Day”.  That may sound a little self-centered, but my FB group offers me the ability to reach all my members with just one message.  I have told them about my recent CD releases, let them know where I’m performing, & even talked about the role that pop music played in my youth.                                                 
Since the movie “Super 8” opened at number one at the box office last week,  featuring a piece of my song “Undercover Angel”, both my profile & my group have been going crazy with comments & congratulations!And other members have posted personal stories as well.  One of the unexpected gifts from this group has been the anecdotes members have shared about where they were when my record first came out.  Amazing, funny, & often emotional.
So thank you for all this, Mark Zuckerberg, and FACEBOOK FRIENDS APPRECIATION DAY”
Alan O’Day  Singer/songwriter (” ROCK AND ROLL HEAVEN”, “ANGIE BABY”)  co-writer of “I WANNA’ BE YOUR FACEBOOK FRIEND”  http://alanoday.com
“Dear Artie! My old friend, how else would we be talking today if it weren’t for FACEBOOK? It is the absolute BEST way to find someone from your past. Many friends of mine that I thought were gone from my life forever are now a daily participant in it! Through those reconnections I am able to shine a light on my dark corners, make amends where amends are needed, and feel part of a community that’s larger than the one I am forced to deal with every day. I am truly grateful to FACEBOOK; my life expands exponentially with every added friend.”
Carla Lockhart artist rep http://facebook.com/lockhart5450 “as far as what FB has meant to me – well, of course, it’s very nice to catch up with some old colleagues and associates from the music business of yesteryear, and some interesting discussions can take place.  I meet new people – some of whom are well worth knowing. FB was invaluable for organizing the Troubadour Family Reunion back in January, for example.  And I couldn’t have co-written “I Wanna Be Your Facebook Friend” without it.” Sally Stevens http://rockphiles.typepad.com/a_life_in_the_day/ Hey Artie…good luck with your song….you’ve always been on the cutting edge….like the hula hoop, FB is a simple idea who’s time has come…an easy to use networking tool.  I actually have three FB accounts, all for different purposes.  My personal account is where I post my paintings, and the odd music project.  It’s also where most of my long lost friends find me.  It’s been a great source of artistically networking.  Oriolo Guitars, is obviously a great channel to expose the various guitars that we are producing with our company.  I also get the chance to post a lot of my useless knowledge about guitars, and guitar players lol…finally Felix Comics is a forum for Cat Chat…i.e. anything that’s new with the most wonderful cat, Felix!’ Don Oriolo felixthecat.com   “Facebook is one of my top business tools for myself, as Mother Hen Promotions, as well as for those indie musician clients I look after for social media. I’ve made valuable contacts via Facebook – in real time (rarely delayed) – from venues to house concerts to internet radio to indie musicians who needed my help. We’ve had immediate conversations and put radio play and artist/venue contact into motion right away. Plus, Facebook has made it easy to hook up with other social media which gets your info out to at least 3 other networks with the click of one button. In addition, I am now in contact with many childhood friends, some high school and college friends, two cousins, and others – all of whom I’d lost track of till now. We’re all now connected online via Facebook even though we’re all scattered across the US. It’s awesome! Jeanette Lundgren Mother Hen Promotions http://www.facebook.com/l/a9dda/www.motherhenpromotions.com“One “friend” request stands out. Like many of us, I vacillate between accepting friend requests from pretty much anyone who asks (it’s flattering to be asked), nd being more selevtive. One day, pretty much arbitrarily, I wrote back to someone: “Who are you,” I asked. “I only know one person with your [relatively unusual first] name, and she was a waitress at the Palomino.” I was chummy with a few Pal waitresses — the North Hollywood country music club was my regular hang — but this one, though she was very nice, I’d only spoken to a few times. Still, I remembered her first name. Of course it was the same person, whom I haven’t seen (or, honestly, thought about) in twenty years. She’s now a few hundred miles away, but for some reason still remembers me. Now THAT’s flattering.!” Todd Everett http://toddeverett.wordpress.com Facebook has been a continuation of friendships that were originally established on-line over the past 10 years via various roups/clubs/forums and have continued onto Facebook and centralized in one location. In addition, for someone who can be as dis-organized as I tend to be, Facebook is a great way to keep track of favorite Internet sites, celebrity fan sites, specialized hobbies sites like “ghost towns” touring (which is a passion of mine), etc. Instead of having ordinary Firefox bookmarks/Internet Explorer Favorites, I now have them all located in one place: FACEBOOK.” Wedigo Watson video directorhttps://www.facebook.com/people/Wedigo-Watson/100000136383082  

Great song and video, very clever! As the guy who turned you on to Facebook in the first place I must say you have really managed to capitalize and expand on FB’s capabilities. FB has allowed me to reconnect with folks from many decades ago, including my band mates from my first band, the “Bushwhackers”, circa 1955! Facebook has also helped me to promote my music and latest venture, an ever expanding resource for Film and TV composers. MusicLibraryReport.com is an online directory of music libraries where composers can share their experiences working with the various companies. With the constant downtrend of devaluing music MLR helps the music composer weed out the “bad guys”! Art Munson http://MusicLibraryReport.com   “My experiences with Facebook have been very favorable. It has brought me together with my high school classmates from 50 years ago. We have a group acctand are able to post pictures of ourselves and families and reconnect with each other like we were back in high school. It’s so interesting because we were all from PA, but now these classmates are all over the USA; Facebook has allowed us to “visit” with each other, regardless of the distance.” Sharon Link excecutive assistant “How absolutely in-genius of you to acknowledge Mark Zuckerberg with a song, for what he’s done to change the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world!  I joined Facebook around 3 years ago and it’s been a serious life changer for me personally and for my business. Thanks to Facebook, I’ve made new friends with thousands of people around the world and have connected with old friends who I would have lost touch with otherwise.  Thank you so much for the creation of “I WANNA’ BE YOUR FACEBOOK FRIEND” – sharing it with all my friends gives me a way to personally thank Zuckerberg for this amazing gift he’s given us all.   By the way, I dare anyone who listens to this song to be able to get this tune out of their head – I love it!” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzqU8AvYWjU Marsha Friedman Chief Executive Officer  www.emsincorporated.com 2011 by Artie Wayne https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/about-artie-wayne/   EXTRA! EXTRA! NOW YOU CAN BUY MY NEW BOOK ,“I DID IT FOR A SONG” for $9.99 THROUGH PAYPAL TO MY E-MAIL ADDRESS artiewayne@gmail.com TO READ A CHAPTER OR TWO FOR FREE CLICK  HERE TO READ SOME OF THE COMMENTS  CLICK  HERE BACK TO ARTIE WAYNE ON THE WEB! https://artiewayne.wordpress.com