After being mentioned a dozen times by Obama and McCain, in the final Presidential debate, Joe the Plumber has signed a million dollar endorsement deal with Procter and Gamble, for a yet to be disclosed product.

America’s hottest TV show, “Dancing With The Stars”, started off the night with a bang, then everybody came out and danced! The surprise of the night came when Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama, took Republican VP Candidate Sarah Palin for a spin around the floor.

EXCLUSIVE! JUST IN! Here’s the hilarious video of John McCain roasting Barack Obama at the Al Smith Dinner in Washington.


Now here’s an equally hilarious video of Barack Obama, roasting John McCain at the same dinner.

If they didn’t have this Presidential thing to worry about, they could team up and become the new Abbott and Costello!

“Tweenie Princess”, Miley Cyrus wears a purity ring, which means she’ll remain a virgin until she gets married. To insure that promise, her father Billy Ray has beefed up security.

In a yard sale, that America held to pay for the $700,000,000 bailout, Oprah Winfrey, bought the letter “O” for a billion dollars! She’ll receive a royalty each time her letter is used in a word, which will also be donated to “the cause”.

Ten Time Grammy award winner, Kanye West, had an audience with the Pope, but left in a huff when the Pontiff refused to kiss his ring!

Last week, Russia’s Prime Minister Putin was given a two and a half month old tiger cub for his 57th birthday. When he arrived at JFK this morning, Katie Couric, asked how his little friend was. He smiled and said, “Delicious!”

In The meantime, George McCain, can’t seem to get ahead in the polls, although he’s starting to distance himself from President Bush.

Copyright 2008 by Artie Wayne

Special thanks to Sharon Link for the picture of her cousin Barack dancing.