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During a recent health crisis when I was feeling sorry for myself, I reconnected with “Lezlie Sokol” my pal from the past, who’s staging a giant reunion of former patrons of the legendary Troubadour in Hollywood.

As we caught up on each others lives, I discovered that she is a remarkable artist and photographer and was immediately uplifted when I saw her digitally color enhanced series of clouds. As I dove into her collection, I realized that these were the kind of images I wanted to use in one of my Ambient Music Videos with a song I wrote in honor of my Grandmother, who was one of biggest influences in my life.

“Go on boy, you can do it! It’s only life there’s nothing to it…

Just the seeing through it “FROM THE INSIDE”

Although there have been 15 cover versions of the song including Cilla Black, Lynn Anderson, Marilyn McCoo, and Yvonne Elliman, I’m using my favorite version which is a demo that Art Munson and I recently produced with a star of the future Ms. Janelle Sadler.

Brilliant videographer Wedigo Watson put it all together and here it is for you all to enjoy!

Copyright 2010 by Artie Wayne

Painted clouds at the top…photographed, colored, and designed by “Lezlie Sokol”, ~ © 2010 by Gwynn Graphix & Painted Cloud Photography!/profile.php?id=1215335979&v=info

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