While 3000 disappointed McCain supporters snacked on Cheese and crackers in Arizona, Obama celebrated with champagne, caviar, and over 300,000 guests at his victory party in Chicago. From the start of the evening it looked like it would be a democratic sweep. Even George W. Bush’s last minute ploy of parading a captured Obama Bin Laden in a dog collar down Pennsylvania Avenue, didn’t help very much.

Up until tonight, conventional wisdom said, “When the shit hits the fan, it’s the man with the tan, who’s always the first to go!” After enduring 8 years of “Bullshit” from the last administration, I’m happy to say that the expression has been altered to say, “When the shit hits the fan, it’s the man with the tan, who’s chosen the one to go…to clean up the mess in Washington”. I just hope he brings a big enough shovel.

Artie Wayne On The Web, would like to congratulate the President-Elect on his stunning victory, and wish him the best of luck…especially in keeping all those promises!

Copyright 2008 by Artie Wayne

The above picture is “Hannibal Crossing The Alps” by Jocopo