When my longtime friend, songwriter/ producer/ cartoonist, Don Oriolo said I could interview his superstar client FELIX the CAT you can imagine how excited I was! We all know that Felix is about to launch his comeback with his 36 titles movie catalog being updated in 3 – D, which can be shown in theaters along with big 3 – D blockbusters like “AVATAR”, “ALICE IN WONDERLAND”, and “CLASH OF THE TITANS”.

Now with the new 3 – D TVs from Samsung and LG, and only a handful of 3 – D titles available, the 36 FELIX the CAT 3 –D DVD collection is poised to make history. The fabulous feline’s latest album, “Catzapoppin’”, including Hip – Hop and rock versions of “Alley Cat”, “Stray Cat Blues”, and “I Cat Get No Satisfaction” (featuring The Pussycat Dolls) is about to be released.

FELIX has just been signed as opening act on the Justin Beiber puberty tour…and is said to be secretly dating Taylor Swift. The Hollywood rumor mill is also purring that he’ll be starring in a new movie, dancing around with either Will Smith or Eddie Murphy like Jerry the Mouse did with Gene Kelly in “Anchors Away”.

Artie– “It’s good to see you, Felix”

FELIX – “Thanks, Artie….it’s good to be seen.”

Artie – “Throughout the years there have been six different dogs who portrayed Lassie in the movies. How many different cats have portrayed FELIX?

FELIX – “Hmmmm dogs…..you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all….down boy, sit boy, fetch boy…..geeeesshh.  Try to get a cat to do that….NOT!  I assure you, Artie, when it comes to “cats” there is only one FELIX the CAT! Mickey’s the mouse, Donald’s the Duck…but FELIX IS THE CAT!!!  Ya  know Artie, they say cats have 9 nine lives…..and I’m only on my first one….can’t wait to see what’s in store for me in the next 8…which by the way is my lucky number!

Artie – “I hear that your latest video “Catzapoppin’”, featuring Katy Purry getting a tattoo of your face inked on her ample er, uh….”attributes” has been banned by MTV…why was that?

FELIX – “Hmmm…MTV…how do you spell that?  I have not been kept abreast of that situation, and I’ve pretty much been PG most of my “professional” life anyway as you know….What are you giggling about???.”

Artie – “Well…what’s the most exciting thing in your life right now?

FELIX – “Mmm, we’ve got millions of new orders on our new Fall fashion line…mmm a new book coming out “Conversations with FELIX”…a new TV show in production…but the most exciting thing in my life right now is my New FELIX the CAT electric guitar.  If you got to you can see my pal, Don Oriolo playing a song that I taught him years ago when I was living in NYC… it’s called Harlem Nocturne.

Artie – “WOW”

FELIX – “if you want to know more about it go http://felixthecat.com and if you send me your address I’ll send you a guitar pick and temporary tattoo with my face on it…ABSOLUTELY FREE! Righty-O!  Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…..

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