When the “Good” Taylor Swift was criticized for using the “F-Word” in her Grammy acceptance speech…the “Bad” Lil’ Wayne came to her defense and said, “Leave the bitch alone!” It got “Ugly” when overprotective Mama Swift beat the s#%t out of the rapper for dissing her daughter!

The New York Times just changed their motto from “All the News That’s Fit to Print” to “Don’t Let the Facts Get in the Way.”

bela-stamp1Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi has been criticized by her peers for seeking special favors. Apparently not satisfied with her grandfather’s picture on a stamp, she is now trying to make his birthday a National Holiday!

When Faye Dunaway heard that Hillary Duff is starring in the remake of “Bonnie and Clyde” she said, “Why didn’t they get a real actress?” Miss Duff responded, “It doesn’t matter what she said, none of my fans know who she is anyway.”

Until the economy improves, President Obama has suspended the carving of his likeness into Mount Rushmore.

60’s R&B singer Etta James, had to be removed from the Grammies when she tried to tackle Beyonce, just as she was about to perform James’ signature song, “At Last”.


Eight times 2008 Olympic Gold Winner, Michael Phelps, has been given a three month suspension from swimming in competition in response to a widely circulated picture of him smoking “pot” in a bong. He’s also agreed to start using rolling papers like everybody else.

A major celebrity feud has broken out between Angelina Jolie and Madonna, who tied in last year’s African baby races. It seems that both Superstars are bidding for the octuplets recently born in California.

People Tom Jones

68-year-old singer Tom Jones will launch a U.S. tour in February to promote his new album, ‘24 Hours.’ Jones plans to play intimate clubs rather than sprawling arenas during the 15-date tour. It is also noted that after singing soul songs since 1963, Jones has finally turned black!

When they said Hugh Hefner had new twin girlfriends, no one expected the OLSEN TWINS!



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