If they built a time machine it could never equal the experience I had at the TROUBADOUR FAMILY REUNION last Monday Night! Jackson Browne played to a packed house that included old “Troubadourians”, Allan Rinde, Sandy and Michael Ochs, Patti and Richard Kimball, Ron Haffkine, Don Williams, Jerry Heller, Joel Diamond, Bobbi Cowan, Pete Senoff, Todd Everett, Val Garay, Billy James, Terry Kirkman, Colin Cameron, and Van Dyke Parks.

Pam McKenna one of the Reunion’s organizer’s said, “The intention of The Troubadour Family Reunion was to gather together a group of people…a very lucky few, who were in the right place at the right time in America’s musical history. Doug Weston had a knack for finding great singer/songwriters…and we were the fortunate recipients. One such artist was Jackson Browne…so it was only fitting that he came to play for us again. This is where he began, like so many others, and his return brought him and us, full circle…May the circle be unbroken.”

Many people flew into Hollywood for this once in a lifetime event, including producer Ron Haffkine (Dr.Hook, Shel Silverstein), and singer/ songwriter Van Dyke Parks (“Heroes and Vllians”) who apparently is still flying!

On Friday, I’ll post more pictures and comments .

To know more about the evening click onto the official TROUBADOUR FAMILY REUNION WEBSITE http://www.troubadourfamilyreunion.com/

Thanks to Sean McKenna from X-SITE MEDIA for the photos  http://www.xm.la

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