Last week comedian/ actor/ singer Jaime Foxx may as well have disqualified himself as a possible replacement for Simon Cowell on “American Idol”. As a mentor to the contestants on Tuesday and as a comment maker on the Wednesday results show, he was too strident, overbearing, and “in your face” to be welcomed into my home every week.

In the meantime, the debate goes on as to who is qualified to fill that English booger’s shoes. It’s my guess “Idol” will wait until after the season finale to make the big announcement. Will it be David Foster, Elton John, or Don “Mr. Personality” Kirshner? or will it be a relative unknown to the public, someone who has the credentials but not the TV Q that broadcasters rely on?

Wasn’t Simon Cowell a complete unknown in the US, while Paula Abdul had several hit records, and Randy Jackson was a top producer, as well as bass player for Journey. It only took a few weeks for the show and Simon to catch on. Why can’t it happen again?

A month ago I asked my readers “Who do you think will replace Simon Cowell, Ron Fair (CEO of Geffen Records) or Indie Producer/ manager Joel Diamond? Some of the hundreds of comments, at the bottom of the article,  made by some of the biggest names in the industry make it absolutely clear who the next judge should be!

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When I asked the readers of Artie Wayne On The Web, “Who is going to replace Simon Cowell, Ron Fair or Joel Diamond?, I got hundreds and hundreds of comments and e-mails from all over the world then I started to see why Joel Diamond really should be the next American Idol Judge.

L-R Joel Diamond, Carol Conners, Englebert Humperdink, and Robert Culp

Over the years Grammy Award Winning Joel Diamond, as a producer/ songwriter has had 36 gold and platinum records with diverse artists like Englebert Humperdink, Gloria Gaynor, Ray J, and producing and managing The 5 Browns who have literally dominated Billboard Magazine’s Classical Charts for 3 years running with their 3 consecutive #1 CD’s, at one point holding down both the #1 & #2 positions in Billboard.

Joel Diamond chillin’ with Ray Jay                                                            

I spoke to Joel Diamond a couple days ago after Cindy Adams wrote about him in the New York Post, as being considered to replace Simon Cowell. I talked to him again this morning.

Joel – “Artie, before we get started, I just want to say, that I don’t believe anybody can replace anybody else. I would just be bringing to the show my own style and experience as well as new positive ideas in promoting music.

Artie – “and what would that be exactly?”

Joel –  “I want to present “Idol’ with the idea of having “American Idol” Song buses that will travel to schools and children’s hospitals and have kids interact with people who create the music. I remember when I was a kid I met Irving Caesar (“Tea For Two”, “I Want To Be Happy”) who sang and played his hits at my school in Passaic, New Jersey. That brief encounter inspired me early in my career and has stayed with me to this day”

“What if inner city kids could interact with an Alicia Keys or a Jay Z? There would be more sing offs and fewer shoot outs! What if the kids who want to be a musician or a songwriter could have a mentor for an afternoon like a Kenny Rogers or a “Smokey” Robinson.…What a boost that would be to their self-esteem. Those sessions could be taped and given free of charge to libraries and schools.”

Artie- “How do you think you’d fit in with the rest of the judges?”

Joel – “I think we’d work together well. I always enjoy being  in the company of stimulating creative people. I’ve always considered Randy Jackson the ultimate musician, who is able to make spot on musical judgments. He’ll always be “top dawg” on “American Idol” as far as I’m concerned!

Kara DioGuardi oozes with the heart and soul of an artist. She also knows a song inside and out, since she’s an accomplished singer/ songwriter herself.

Ellen DeGeneres, has been quite a surprise! She’s obviously a super music fan with excellent taste. The more confident she becomes the better her critiques are. She’s afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings…I say flunk ‘em if they can’t hit a note!”


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