When I sat down to find videos of songs I’ve been connected with in my 30 year music business career I expected to find 3 or 4…but to my surprise I found 115! I started to realize that anything that was ever telecast or filmed will eventually show up on YouTube.

When my friend songwriter Mark Barkan asked me how I find such great videos, I confessed that I simply Google them. To demonstrate, I Googled “Pretty Flamingo”, and found a YouTube clip of Bruce Springsteen singing Mark’s classic in concert.

All I did was make a broad Google search Pretty Flamingo YouTube and the Springsteen clip showed up in the first three pages…which Mark had never heard before. Then as I went deeper into thesearch results, I found versions by Manfred Mann and Elvis Costello.

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Inspired after writing this piece I found a video of a Warner Brothers song I updated and gave to Richard Perry who cut it with “Ringo” Starr.

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