In the past I’ve been called bold, fearless, and challenging, but by today’s standards…I just might be called crazy! When I look at all the trouble the Sahalis got into for crashing President Obama first dinner party. I think about all of the parties, receptions, shows, and events I’ve gotten into without an invitation.

I developed the art of sneaking in backstage at Alan Freed Rock and Roll Shows in the “50s so I could get “discovered”. I would wait by the stage door and help one of the acts carry a guitar in and “looked like I belonged.”

In the ‘60s I got into private clubs during freezing cold New York winters by walking through exit doors backwards, in a thin jacket, convincing security I’d already been inside. I attended Beatle and Rolling Stone press conferences and concerts because I “looked like I belonged”. I’ve attended some of the most expensive events in the world without having a ticket….once I even made it into Buckingham Palace! One of the craziest things I pulled off 20 years ago would surely get me arrested if I tried it today!

“One quiet afternoon I get a call at my Hollywood apartmet from someone with an English accent named Lynn Douglas (not her real name), looking for producer Shel Talmy (The Who, The Kinks).  I tell her that Shel was staying with me for a while, but has gone back to the UK.  When she says that Shel’s the only one she knows in Hollywood, I introduce myself and ask if she’s the same Lady who teaches Yoga on TV.

When she says yes, gentleman that I am, I ask out to dinner. When I pick her up, she looks even more beautiful than she does on television.

For the next 10 days I take her to parties, clubs and out to dinners, but she won’t let me get past first base with her.  She says she’s going back to London in a few days and doesn’t want to have an affair with someone she may never see again”

Over the next few days, my creative juices are about to explode, but I restrain myself, and start to sublimate my feelings in a song.  I want to play it for her before she leaves for the airport, but the man at the hotel desk says she’s gone.

I jump in my car and race out to LAX, fortunately I know what gate she’s leaving from. Just like in the Carlos Castaneda’s’ book, Patti Dahlstrom gave me, “Journey To Ixtalan”, where the protagonist shows a blank piece of paper to a train conductor collecting fares and is given a seat, I smile and show the pretty stewardess at the gate an airline schedule I found on the floor, and she lets me on the plane!

I find Lynn sitting halfway down the plane as I stand above her, I smile and start to sing. When I finish the other passengers start to applaud.  An embarrassed, but flattered Lynn gives me a kiss, as I’m escorted off the plane by a stewardess, who can’t help but smile.

The next day I play “If All We Have Is This Moment” for Ann Munday at Chrysalis Music who buys half the publishing rights from me for $5,000 allowing me to follow Lynn and my heart to London, as soon as I can.”

Copyright 2011 by Artie Wayne

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