EXCLUSIVE TO ARTIE WAYNE ON THE WEB THE FIRST PHOTO OF NEW WHITE HOUSE DOG! The New White House dog seems to be happy after being rescued from a Washington D.C. animal shelter. Although the first family hasn’t officially chosen a name for him yet, he seems to respond to “Get Down”.




“Dancing With The Stars” has officially changed its name to “Dancing”, since there are no actual stars competing on the show this season!


CBS, disappointed with Katie Couric’s ratings, is considering replacing her on the Evening News with veteran newsman, Ryan Seacrest!


Last week, “The Invisible Man Group” made its debut at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Critics all agreed it was the best musical act they’ve never seen


“Two and a Half Men” Charlie Sheen, saved his ex-wife, Denise Richards life today. He ran into her at the Farmers Market and didn’t try to kill her!



princecharles.jpg russ2.jpg

After losing to Binky, on the UK ’s wildly popular TV show, “Are You Smarter Than A Monkey?”, Prince Charles is still walking around with his hand stuck in a coconut shell! So far, no one has the nerve to tell him that if he lets go of the peanut inside, he’ll be able to pull his hand out easily.

Pop Princess, Britney Spears, will star in the film of the long running “Vagina Monologues”, not only will her vagina finally speak for itself…it will actually sing!

Kevin Federline and Bobby Brown will star in new Fox comedy series, “Assholes Never Take A Day Off”, about two proctologists who moonlight as lawyers.


If you’re wondering why Simon Cowell, has been so nice recently? “American Idol” producers, tricked him into thinking he was having his teeth cleaned, when actually he was being spayed and neutered!


The Congressional cafeteria was shut down this morning due to outbreak of trichinosis. The health department blames raw pork in the stimulus package that Congress was forced to digest, as the culprit in this heath crisis.


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