bela-lugosi-dracula-stampOn Thursday I happily reported that BMI was no longer withholding royalties from song writers…today I find out it isn’t true and BMI still sucks! Since I posted the blog I’ve had a dozen e-mails which basically say the same thing…

“Please note that BMI did not change their policy. The September quarter will always bring a check. They will not pay through the other three quarters unless you earn $250. Nothing has changed.”

Now that I have confirmed it, I must admit publicly that I was naïve and overly optimistic in believing that BMI really had reversed their insidious practice.

I’ve been with BMI for almost half-a-century as a writer, a friend of the organization for 30 years when was GPM of Warner Brothers music, and CEO of Irving-Almo music. And when I opened my own publishing company, my late Friend, Ron Anton a senior V.P. at BMI, named it…WayneArt Music.

I know that loyalty has become a thing of the past in today’s modern world, but I still believe in it. I no longer, however, have a loyalty to a faceless corporation who’s leaders have changed a dozen times since I joined, that seem to have little concern for it’s members..

I’ve steered hundreds and hundreds of writers to BMI because I thought it was the best of the performance societies. Now that my longtime friend, songwriter Paul Williams, has become the President of ASCAP, I want to see if that’s the performance society where I want to be from now on.

It’s funny, how quickly I’ve jumped back into the game, My catalog has been largely inactive and I don’t write much anymore, but six weeks ago I found out I had four tracks that I co-wrote for Michael Jackson, on three re-releases, which has given me a new lease on life!

I don’t plan to stop fighting until BMI really changes its policy about withholding songwriter’s royalties.  You can join the protest by e-mailing the CEO of BMI, Del Bryant Just put “BMI STILL SUCKS” on the subject line.

Regretfully, Artie Wayne

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