“Although the head of the snake has been cut off, the still quivering body must be dismembered and scattered to the four winds, or evil itself will rise out of the carnage and try to rule the world!”

Like everyone in America who has an image of the Twin Towers still burning in their psyche, the news of Ben Laden’s death brings a certain amount of closure…but our job is far from over. Now we have to recapture the 500 prisoners who escaped from an Afganistan prison last week to rejoin the Taliban, before they can reek any more havoc upon the earth!

Let our friends throughout the world know that America is back and Obama is in charge! Let our enemies know that “HOWEVER LONG IT TAKES…JUSTICE WILL BE DONE!”…Here’s ”HALLELUJAH!”…by SWEATHOG to lead the celebration!

Special thanks to Sally Stevens for helping me put this article together  http://rockphiles.typepad.com/

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