The first time I met Andrew Gold was at a little studio off of Melrose in Hollywood, where my friend Val Garay was engineering his first album. The music was so loud and captivating I didn’t catch the name of the guy sitting next to Val who was quiet and unassuming; I thought he was the second engineer , not the rising star himself.

Andrew was one of the writers of the time who held onto, wrote about, and promoted traditional values. In “Thank You For Being A Friend” you don’t doubt his sincerity for one minute and are happy everytime we hear it blasted on an oldies radio station or listen to it on an episode of the “Golden Girls”.

My friend, Sally Stevens, former publicity director at Elektra/Asylum Records, where Andrew had his biggest hits remembers, “ “I was working at E/A during a time when some of our artists could be a little ‘difficult’ to deal with!  However, Andrew was a pleasure to work with – always cooperative and easygoing, a professional in all respects. He will always be in our lives because of Thanks For Being A Friend, which he was.  I am so sorry to hear that he’s gone. My condolences to his wife and family, and to his mother, the wonderful Marni Nixon.”

 Andrew Gold may you ROCK IN PERPETUITY!

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Respectfully, Artie Wayne



Copyright 2011 by Artie Wayne

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