After two years of Time-Warner Cable not transmitting their TV picture in synch with the sound, on at least 20% of their shows, in Desert Hot Springs, California, they now make it impossible to reach anyone at the company to complain!

I was given four different 800 numbers, which only led me to places where I could change over to their digital phone service, and after I finally reached a real person I was hung up on TWICE! Ironically, I was calling to complain about the dramatic difference of between sound levels of commercials transmitted, including NO SOUND AT ALL on 26 Time-Warner Cable spots that aired yesterday…and 14 spots so far today.

When I go to L.A. on my TV promotion tour next week…you can be sure I will tell about the arrogance and stupidity of their company.

Artie Wayne

Click onto the first time I had problems with the company, when I didn’t have a public forum!