Less than a year ago My Space was the “King of the social networks” now it’s considered little more than a joke. What happened?

Perhaps it was the scandals about the privacy issues that kept popping up, or the rumors about information being sold to third parties that brought the mighty Giant to its knees. Now it is hardly ever mentioned by entertainment and news shows as a way to communicate with them. Instead the public is told to visit their Twitter or Facebook page.

Once it was cool to be on My Space. You could put your music, art, videos, or your innermost thoughts up on the site hoping to be discovered, but then realized you were only being compromised. My Space was a good idea but when it became overcrowded with mediocrity and became rife with opportunists, cyber bullies, and predators…it became nightmare!

I joined Facebook about six months ago, which I soon discovered was allowed to access your addresses, photos, and other personal information every time you joined a club, attended an event, played a game, or joined a cause. Although I reconnected with over 400 people from my past, it just wasn’t worth the price I’d have to pay for the privilege.

When I tried to get more information about Twitter, I mistakenly clicked onto a join button that gave Twitter immediate access to 460 of my e-mail addresses. Before I knew what was happening my entire list was sent an e-mail, supposedly from me, inviting them to join Twitter.

I was outraged by this and wrote several scathing articles about Twitter. Then over the New Year’s weekend of 2009, Biz Stone the creator and CEO, contacted me, then he and staff corrected the problems…which impressed me to no end.

Since that time, Twitter has grown to hundreds of times of what it was, and has been compared to the Pony Express, the telegraph, the telephone, air mail, radio, and television. It is by far the fastest, most immediate, and possibly the most important evolution in communication the world has ever known. I wonder how long it will stay a free service.

How much would you be willing to pay for Twitter? Is a “Tweet really worth a thousand words?”

Here are some images from Twitter that have made the world a little more transparent….from global events to Katy Perry naked in a bathtub with a Pizza!

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This week’s top story seems to be that Barbara Walters, Larry King, and most of the free world have joined TWITTER.

It’s amazing how quickly TWITTER, the social network, has become part of the world’s collective consciousness. The first time I heard about it was at the end of the Presidential campaign when Senator John McCain sent telegrams and used land lines to keep in touch with his staff, while Senator Barack Obama used cell phones and TWITTER to stay in touch with his…with the whole world following his every “Tweet”.

What impresses me most about the service is the message or “Tweet” is limited to 140 characters (about six lines), which forces the user to communicate more concisely. Although I had a problem with TWITTER initially, everything has been resolved. Even though I like the idea of communicating quickly, I haven’t become an active member because I’ve never been a “follower” and I don’t like the idea of being “followed” around by anyone.

As I was discussing my dilemma with my friend Art Munson at Over 50 Music, he suggested that I look into Face Book, which presented another problem. I’ve always seen Facebook as one of the places where you can delude yourself into thinking that you’re popular, but I found that it is one of the best places to make a reconnection.

Two months ago I decided I wanted to include a paragraph or two from people in my past to use in my forthcoming book “I Did It For A Song”, and through e-mails and Google I was able to locate 30 people. Exactly one month ago I joined Facebook and found 300 PEOPLE who I’ve since added as “friends”! Now with the recent addition of TWITTER to its pages I can follow everyone I know, everywhere they go, and read every message they send and/ or receive. DAMN, isn’t technology wonderful?

You have to excuse me, but it’s time to go on Facebook to check on all my pals. I wonder if Peter Greenberg’s back from Shanghai, mmm, Gary Stromberg says he saw a report on Fox news how bacon cures hangovers, Unsteady Freddy saw the Association perform, Bruce Garfield is up before the sun in London, Patti LaBelle is in the studio with Alicia Keys…..Looks like it’s gonna’ be a long night!

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With new methods of communication emerging everyday, if I had to pick one system that will eventually beat out all the others, that system would be TWITTER!


A tweet is a brief message sent by one member of the social network TWITTER, to another member that consists of only 140 characters, including a link to more information.


This naturally appeals to me, since I am a songwriter and sometime commercial copy writer, used to getting my message across in as few words as possible.


I was originally put off when I heard it was used by “twits” to keep each other informed of their inane activities like going to the grocery store or filling up their gas tanks. Then I heard that Robert Scoble, the #1 blogger in the US, now prefers to TWITTER, sending sometimes 50 tweets a day, and I knew it was time for me to investigate.


I Googled the company to find out more about their service, and was required to give my e-mail address, and other seemingly innocuous information, before I saw a button that said, “Send Out My Invitations”

Suddenly I realized this might be a scam, and I just closed the window!


Less than an hour later, I started getting tweets from people I knew who seemed happy that I’m now on TWITTER.


That’s when I suspected TWITTER had somehow tricked me into joining their network, and appropriated names from one of my address books, inviting them to join their site as my “Friend”.


That’s when I became bloggin’ mad!






All of this happened in the space of a few days and I was impressed with how quickly and effectively they dealt with my problem…even though it was over the New Year holiday!




In the past few days, I’ve seen half a dozen newscasters tell their viewers to send their comments by e-mail, text message or by TWITTER. So before the company gets any bigger, I want to apologize for calling you names, and thank you for creating a service that is revolutionizing communication.


In fact I’m telling all my friends, “A tweet is worth a thousand words”



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