I’m so happy for my friend Alan O’Day who has his 1977 number one hit “UNDERCOVER ANGEL” in the new Steven Speilberg/ J.J. Abrams movie “SUPER 8”. What’s even more amazing is the way that he found out about it!

O’Day recalls, “Last Thursday morning I received a phone call from my disc jockey friend Barry Scott, in Boston.  He had just seen the new Spielberg/Abrams movie “Super 8”.  What he told me had my jaw dropping:  They used a piece of my song “Undercover Angel” in the movie!  I was absolutely shocked & thrilled, as no one had informed me of the placement.  Since then, I’ve received so many congratulatory emails & posts to my Facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_113462684910) , I feel like I’m having a career-gasm!  People are telling me they love the movie, & they’re so happy for me when they hear my song coming out of a radio in one scene, & see my name as writer & singer in the end credits.  I understand the movie did $38 million this last weekend!  Although I know the choice of that record has little to do with me as a person, I take it very personally.  I am honored that my song is in a Spielberg film, & I’m grateful to be a part of pop music history.

The 1977 album containing “Undercover Angel”, & my original version of “Angie Baby”, has been beautifully remastered to CD, available on my website:”



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